Digital Identity Report: What Consumers Want and How Governments, Banks and Other Enterprises can Deliver

Digital identity is an area of huge global growth. Research shows that countries extending full digital ID coverage to their citizens could unlock value equivalent to 3 to 13 percent of GDP by 2030.

The opportunity for governments and enterprises is multi-faceted. Whether it’s offering digital identity services that consumers can use across organizations and borders, or simply enabling customers to access more services more easily with convenient online identity verification and authentication, banks and governments have a huge stake in the digital identity narrative.

iProov surveyed 16,000 citizens around the world to understand attitudes to digital identity services and how they authenticate themselves online. Equipped with these findings, governments and enterprises can better understand how digital transformation programs can and should evolve.

Download your copy of the Digital Identity Report here:

Inside the Digital Identity Report you’ll find data on:

  • Level of global consumer demand for digital identity services
  • Global attitudes towards online public sector services
  • Global attitudes towards online banking and identity verification
  • Global attitudes on face biometrics, passwords and other identity verification and authentication methods
Digital Identity Services PDF report image