Digital Identity in the USA: What Do Americans Want From the DMV?

Download the Report The enforcement deadline for REAL ID is fast approaching, and Americans will soon need REAL ID-compliant identification to travel from regulated airports and facilities. To ease the strain on DMVs, the federal government has allowed identity and lawful status information to be accepted electronically. iProov’s Liveness makes this possible, enabling governments to quickly and securely verify citizen identity online. Key findings from the report:

  • 90% of Americans would pay extra to renew their driver’s license online
  • 31% have driven with an expired driver’s license to avoid going to the DMV in-person
  • When asked to list the ways DMVs could improve the customer experience, 54% of Americans answered “allow me to do things online”.

Other findings include:

  • How much would Americans pay to apply for their driver’s license online?
  • How many people use Face ID on their mobile device?
  • How many people use their driver’s license for online identity?

Click here to download a copy of the full report.

iProov DMV Report