Gartner Innovation Insight for Biometric Authentication

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In the report, Gartner discusses the various uses and benefits of biometric authentication and gives recommendations on user experience, inclusion, privacy and security.

At a glance:
We believe you should read the report to find out:

    • Why biometric authentication offers unique advantages over other credential-based methods 
    • Why biometrics, alone or with other authentication methods, can improve UX
    • How biometrics enable a shift toward passwordless authentication 
    • How organizations can use biometrics to deliver multi-factor authentication 
    • Why biometrics will enable you to detect online fraud successfully
    • The key considerations for implementing biometric authentication

What’s in it for you?

In the report, the world’s most prestigious analysts share their market knowledge and recommendations on Biometric Authentication. You’ll gain invaluable insight into a technology that is increasingly used globally.

Innovation Insights for Biometric Authentication can be accessed on Gartner’s website.
Gartner, Innovation Insight for Biometric Authentication, By Ant Allan, Tricia Phillips, Kaoru Yano, 22 April 2022
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