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The Threat of Deepfakes Report

1 September 2020

iProov has been warning about the impact of deepfake misuse for many years. Deepfakes are evolving at pace, posing a significant threat to consumers and enterprises all over the globe.

In our new report, The Threat of Deepfakes, we look at what consumers think about deepfakes. We surveyed 1000 UK/US consumers on their concerns about deepfakes and the threat they pose to online trust.

Key findings from the report show that:

  • 75% of consumers would be more likely to use online services that protect against deepfakes
  • 85% agree deepfakes will make it harder to trust what they see online
  • 72% believe the need to authenticate identity is more important than ever before
  • 81% believe biometrics will be used more in future to assure identity online
  • 88% believe online security threats are growing

Read our report: The Threat of Deepfakes.

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