Know Your Customer (KYC) Compliance

How do regulated organizations achieve Know Your Customer compliance online, without turning the digital experience into a nightmare for the user?

Here’s the answer: iProov technology. Offer your customers online onboarding and authentication using facial biometrics. It’s highly secure, easy for the user, and compliant with regulations.

  • Assure genuine presence with a facial scan
  • Maximize security, usability, and privacy
  • Support compliance with KYC and AML regulations effortlessly


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The iProov solution for KYC compliance and KYC verification

Using iProov Genuine Presence Assurance®, banks and other regulated organizations ask users to complete a brief facial biometric scan during the online onboarding or authentication process. This assures that an individual matches the image in their photo ID and confirms that the user is genuinely present. It also uniquely confirms that the authentication is taking place right now, protecting against deepfakes and other spoof attacks.

This helps you…

  • Replace the need for an in-person identity check, without compromising security or compliance
  • Increase account opening completion rates and speed
  • Ensure customers are who they say they are, protecting against fraud and financial crime

Our customers really are everything to Knab. That’s why we chose iProov – like us, they are clear leaders in delivering the very best customer experience without compromising on the highest standards of security and compliance.


Marcel Kalse, Co-founder


Discover how iProov can power
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Advantages of KYC compliance with biometric face verificaation

Onboard more customers in less time


Maximize completion rates


Automate processes for speed and accuracy


Proactively mitigate existing and emerging fraud risks

Comply with stringent compliance requirements

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How does iProov help organizations with KYC and AML?

KYC and AML regulations exist to limit & mitigate the impact of financial crime. Inside this article, we explain what KYC and AML are, why they’re important, and how iProov’s face verification can simplify compliance.