The explosive growth of digital ecosystems that include high-value transactions and remote access for workforces has dramatically increased the importance of identity assurance. Whether it is during onboarding or at high-risk inflection points throughout the user lifecycle, proving that someone is who they claim to be has never been more consequential.

Join iProov’s Joe Palmer, Chief Product & Innovation Officer and Ping Identity’s Loren Russon, SVP Product & Technology, to review the drivers and associated challenges of remote identity verification and how ethical use of Artificial Intelligence can create trusted digital identities that are rooted in assurance, security, privacy, and inclusion.

During this webinar, our experts will provide advice on how:

  • Organizations, amid a remote identity crisis, can overcome challenges by providing secure and user-friendly remote onboarding and identity verification.
  • Cloud-based biometrics are uniquely able to provide the highest levels of identity assurance and combat threats posed by AI.
  • To use the Spectrum of Identity Assurance methodology to align use cases with the appropriate verification technologies and processes to achieve desired levels of identity assurance.
  • How iProov’s facial biometrics solutions fit into Ping Identity’s ecosystem for convenient remote authentication, meeting the strictest industry standards and accessibility guidelines.