Synthetic Identity Fraud (SIF) is the leading threat to organizations and has overtaken identity theft in frequency and complexity, accounting for 80-85% of all identity fraud cases. Coupled with Generative AI coming into the mainstream is further fuelling the SIF fire, enabling lower-skilled criminals to mount advanced attacks through the application of deepfakes and manufacturing high-end counterfeit identity documents. SIF is a scalable threat that is coming more and more into the spotlight, something organizations of all sizes will have to confront.

In this panel discussion, Jim Slevin, Regional Director at Inverid, Mike Summers, VP Sales EMEA at iProov and Gemma Bird, Head of Biometrics at iProov, will be looking at:

  • How the Synthetic Identity Fraud landscape is evolving
  • The emergence of Generative AI and how it empowers bad actors with the tools to create convincing synthetic identities
  • The need for more resilient remote identity verification and authentication workflows

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