Synthetic identity fraud isn’t a distant threat – it’s a full-blown crisis sweeping the financial industry. Deloitte predicts that synthetic identity fraud will generate at least $23 billion in losses by 2030. But the damage extends far beyond your bottom line. The tactics used by fraudsters are evolving at an alarming pace, exploiting vulnerabilities in digital channels and leveraging advanced technologies. How are you developing your roadmap to combat the new age of generative AI-based threats?

In this webinar, Nikhil Kamdar, VP of Global Solutions Consulting at iProov, and Daniel Molina, VP, LATAM have delved into:

  • The current state of synthetic identity fraud, exploring the factors driving its rapid evolution and the latest tactics being used by criminals.
  • The essential steps your organization needs to take to protect against synthetic identity fraud.
  • How biometric technologies are being deployed to add a crucial layer of defense against synthetic identity fraud.

Watch this insightful webinar today!

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