Digital-first users have become the norm and organizations of all sizes have had to pivot business models to provide inclusive, automated processes that improve user experience. From banking to government services, organizations are quickly recognizing biometric face verification as a secure method to verify unknown users and authenticate transactions. This has accelerated the application of biometrics to achieve greater levels of identity assurance for a number of use cases. 

As face verification gains traction and becomes more prevalent, threat actors are developing evermore sophisticated ways to circumvent these systems to commit fraud, leaving simpler biometrics vulnerable to attack. Uncovering the anatomy of biometric attacks is vital to understanding risk and ensuring adaptive and resilient security is employed. 

Hear Andrew Newell, Chief Scientific Officer, and Nikhil Kamdar, VP of Solution Consulting, will be discussing:

  • Why Biometrics for user identity and onboarding
  • Why PAD doesn’t equal threat resilient liveness 
  • Findings from our latest biometric threat intelligence report and how we’re seeing the landscape evolve
  • Live demo of iProov solutions

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