The convenience of accessible digital services shouldn’t come at the expense of security. The primary challenge for many organizations today is to validate that someone is who they claim to be in an online context without adding friction to the user experience.

To achieve this, The Spectrum of Identity Assurance framework helps organizations match the verification and authentication processes to the associated risk of the user, the use case, and other contextual factors. Higher risk scenarios warrant greater identity assurance. An individual transferring $10 to a recognized payee shouldn’t experience the same level of identity assurance as someone making a payment of $30k to an unknown payee.

In this webinar, Joe Palmer, Chief Product & Innovation Officer at iProov, and Paul Jackson, VP, Market Intelligence have delved into:

  • The drivers and challenges of identity verification and authentication and why organizations should take a more tailored approach
  • How using iProov’s Spectrum of Identity Assurance framework, organizations can provide  greater security and resilience while delivering a modern user experience
  • How face biometrics can provide the foundation for secure identity verification and authentication workflows

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