Biometrics for Healthcare Technology


iProov is working with healthcare providers to protect the security and privacy of patient data by using biometric authentication technology. Contactless online identity verification enables patients to access their medical records, book appointments, and manage their medication remotely and securely.

This brings key benefits to both practitioners and consumers:

  • Maximize patient privacy and security of data
  • Increase digitalization of patient care
  • Improve inclusivity and accessibility
iProov face verification on mobile

iProov biometric technology in healthcare 

iProov provides facial biometric technology that enables healthcare providers to verify the identity of individuals accessing data online. A brief facial biometric scan assures the genuine presence of an online user – are they the right person, a real person, right now? – ensuring patient data privacy. 

NHS logo

iProov provides facial authentication for NHS login

UK residents can now complete the onboarding process for their National Health Service (NHS) login using iProov Genuine Presence Assurance. A simple, secure facial verification enables citizens to obtain their NHS login and access essential services online, such as doctor’s appointments, access to medical records and ordering repeat prescriptions.

Read how iProov biometric technology is providing contactless engagement in healthcare.

Biometrics for Healthcare Technology

Benefits of biometric identity verification for healthcare:

  1. Improve digital access to health services
  2. Increase inclusivity and accessibility
  3. Maximize contactless engagement
  4. Reduce time and cost of manual administration
  5. Deliver security, usability, and privacy

iProov Products for Healthcare

iProov Enroller


iProov Enroller enables you to verify the identity of new customers during the online onboarding process. Enroller uses Genuine Presence Assurance® to confirm a user is the right person, a real person, and authenticating right now.

iProov Face Verifier

Face Verifier

With iProov Face Verifier you can authenticate a remote user’s face against a pre-enrolled biometric and confirm it is the right person, a real person, authenticating in real-time. It can be used as primary, multi-factor or step up authentication.

Liveness Assurance - passive Biometric liveness detection

Basic Face Verifier

Basic Face Verifier uses Liveness Assurance™ instead of Genuine Presence to confirm an individual is the right person and provide some assurance they are a real person. Like other liveness detection solutions, it is ideal for frequent, low-risk interactions.

iProov Palm Verifier

Palm Verifier

Palm Verifier provides Genuine Presence Assurance, confirming that a user is the right person, a real person, and authenticating right now. A contactless solution, it is hygienic, simple to use, and highly secure. It also requires no specialist hardware.

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