Face biometric test protecting against the deepfake threat


Why is iProov’s Genuine Presence Assurance technology so important? International criminal gangs, money-laundering, changing consumer behaviour, regulations, COVID-19…all of these factors and more affect trust in the online ecosystem. Read on to find out about the online threats and challenges that we face and how iProov biometric technology helps you prepare and protect.

How is Genuine Presence Assurance making the world a safer place?

The Threat of Deepfakes: download the report

Deepfake Protection

The deepfake threat is growing. Criminals are able to create convincing deepfake video and audio to spoof humans and security systems and cause financial loss and social mayhem. Find out how iProov protects your customers and organization from the deepfake threat.

Passwordless authentication

Passwordless Authentication

Everyone knows that passwords are not secure. But efforts to make them more reliable are overly complex, resulting in lost business and frustrated users. iProov biometric technology provides an alternative to passwords that makes life easier, and more secure, for everyone.

Face Recognition vs Face Verification

Verification vs Recognition

What’s the difference between face recognition and face verification? People often confuse them but they’re different technologies serving different purposes. Find out why iProov face verification provides choice, privacy and security to users.

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