Face biometric test protecting against the deepfake threat

The Deepfake Threat

The deepfake threat is growing. Deepfakes are used in memes and shared on social media for entertainment, but they also present a huge threat to online security. iProov biometric technology is unique because it offers advanced protection against deepfake crime. With Genuine Presence Assurance®, you can detect if criminals are using deepfakes to try and gain access to customer accounts and data.

Deepfake threat protection at iProov

What are deepfakes and deepfake attacks?

Deepfakes are videos, images, or audio recordings that have been distorted to present an individual saying or doing something that they didn’t say or do.

Think of the thing that you are least likely to ever say. Now, imagine your friends, family, or employer being shown a (convincing) video of you saying it. It’s easy to see the potential for misuse using deepfakes.

The Threat of Deepfakes: download the report

How can secure biometric authentication protect against deepfakes?

  • 85% of consumers agree deepfakes will make it harder to trust what they see online
  • 75% would be more likely to use online services that protect against deepfakes
  • 72% believe the need to authenticate identity is more important than ever before
  • 81% believe biometrics will be used more in future to assure identity online
  • 88% of respondents believe online security threats are growing
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How does iProov protect against the deepfake threat?

iProov Face Verifier

Genuine Presence Assurance with iProov

iProov is the world leader in Genuine Presence Assurance, allowing organizations to confirm that an individual is the right person, a real person, and authenticating right now – and not a deepfake.

iProov iSOC diagram

iProov Secure Operations Centre (iSOC)

The iProov Security Operations Centre (iSOC) is a multi-layered, active threat management service with a global security team, constantly monitoring and responding to attacks.

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The Threat of Deepfakes: download the report

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