Know Your Customer

The Online Identity Problem

The world faces a difficult challenge today: how can we be sure of someone’s identity online? If an individual is not physically in front of you holding a driver’s license or other ID document, how can you be sure that they are who they claim to be? Or that they even exist? The implications of not knowing if someone is genuinely present online can be severe, for consumers, businesses, governments, and for society as a whole. It’s a complex problem requiring an urgent solution—and that solution is iProov.

iProov face verification on web

The Online Identity Problem: impact for consumers

  • Financial loss from identity theft
  • Reputation damage caused by imposters
  • Facilitating money-laundering
banking technology

The Online Identity Problem: impact for businesses

  • Financial loss through fraudulent ‘customers’
  • Loss of customer trust when data is breached
  • Negative publicity from breaches and crime enablement
  • Financial penalties from regulators
National Digital Identity

The Online Identity Problem: impact for government and society

  • Trust is eroded
  • Crime and corruption is financed and emboldened
  • Fake news is spread by deepfakes and GANs
  • Loss of confidence in public and private sector leadership

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