January 24, 2022

Liveness is a critical part of any digital identity solution. Providers of identity systems need to able to verify that an online individual is the right person — and that they are also a real person.

But not all liveness is the same. We asked four of our partners — Entrust, iiDENTIFii, Jumio, and Thirdfort — to tell us why they chose iProov to provide liveness capability in their identity platforms.

1. High completion rates

“Our customers see huge value from the iProov solution because it does give them high passrates that they’re looking for.” Jack Bidgood, Co-founder and MD, Thirdfort

“When we’re talking to government clients about their objectives for digitization, obviously they are not going to be able to achieve those objectives without very, very high completion rates. The quality of the user experience and how that translates into completion rates has been essential for us and working in the UK immigration system now with more than six million applications, to have such a very, very high rate of completion is absolutely crucial to our to our work.” Jon Payne, Director of Business Development, Entrust

How does iProov deliver high completion rates? iProov provides high completion rates because we offer a simple, passive user experience that delivers accuracy. An end-user simply looks at the camera on their device and the authentication is completed. There is no need to follow instructions to move the device or move the face or read words or numbers.

2. Balance of security vs user experience

“We tested many vendors and their SDKs and demo environments, and they really didn’t find the sweet spot between fraud and friction.” Gur Geva, Founder & CEO, iiDENTIFii

“It’s really a combination of security on one hand and completion of journey on the other that are really important for our customers. And that’s what we were looking for in a partner.” Dean Hickman-Smith, Chief Revenue Officer, Jumio

How does iProov deliver a balance of security vs user experience? iProov’s simple, passive user experience is combined with flexible levels of security — Express Liveness is ideal for lower risk scenarios, while Dynamic Liveness provides the highest levels of security. This enables organizations to prevent fraud and other cybercrime while maximizing completion rates and providing a great experience to their end-users.

3. Proven security

“We were able to engage with ethical hackers that have deep vast experience and that tested iProov themselves. And so we had a third independent point of verification that said iProov was one of the top players in the world.” Gur Geva

“We ended up using iProov because we think that their solution is the most accurate on the market.” Jack Bidgood

“iProov was one of the products that performed best in our security testing that our technical guys were not able to spoof, and that clearly is essential.” Jon Payne

How does iProov deliver proven security? iProov’s Dynamic Liveness technology is being used globally by governments and banks, who need the highest levels of security. GPA combines a unique one-time biometric and active threat monitoring through the iProov Security Operations Centre (iSOC) to provide maximum protection against the evolving threat landscape, detecting sophisticated digital injection attacks as well as presentation attacks.

4. Usability

“iProov has got really good, really simple to use user experience, and that’s obviously a big part of what we’re interested in.” Jon Payne

How does iProov deliver usability? With iProov, an end-user simply looks at the camera on their device and the authentication is completed. There is no need to follow instructions to move the device or move the face or read words or numbers.

5. Scalability and resilience

“We’ve worked with a prior company that wasn’t scaling to quite what we needed. We were looking for a long term, scalable partner and iProov had the credibility in the marketplace to work with us and the type of customers that we would be exposing iProov to.” Dean Hickman-Smith

“We were onboarding many of our clients at big volume, especially at the beginning of the pandemic, when there was increased demand for products in the property market.” Jack Bidgood

How does iProov deliver scalability? The iProov SaaS infrastructure has been designed for scalability and resilience where high levels of uptime are maintained with the capability to handle millions of verifications. iProov has demonstrated its ability to scale in real-world environments with major deployments worldwide — over 1 million verifications per day were processed on several occasions in 2021.

6. Best of breed liveness technology

“Liveness is an absolutely essential part of the flow…By working together, what we’ve got is a solution that is simple. It’s beautifully efficient. It optimizes the paradigm between security and ease of use and ease of journey and I think together we’re delivering on that.” Dean Hickman-Smith

“Part of the value that we bring to our customers is to present to them the best of breed solutions for all of the different components of what they what they need, what their requirements are, and we see iProov as a fundamental part of that.” Jon Payne

“We needed to be certain that we had the highest level of liveness assurance. The ability to truly confirm that the individual on the other side of the handset with a mobile device was a real person; that they were not a digital puppet or a mask, and that they were in fact, more importantly than just three dimensional, that they were four dimensional, in the sense of time, that they were physically present at that moment in time.” Gur Geva

How does iProov deliver best of breed technology? iProov has been working for over 10 years to develop liveness and Dynamic Liveness technology that delivers the best possible balance of security with usability. Some of the most security-conscious organizations in the world are using iProov technology.

7. Simple integration

“Their technical team helped on the integration side in all sorts of ways and that part was very smooth for us, especially compared to some of the other integrations that we’ve done here over the years.” Jack Bidgood

How does iProov deliver simple integration? iProov’s lightweight SDK is simple to install and runs on an impressively wide range of devices. iProov has made integration as easy as possible, with a Customer Success team on hand to solve issues. This means you can speed up your time to market and deliver benefits to your customers as quickly as possible.

8. Great people to work with

“There’s deep empathy from iProov towards ourselves and the marketplace where they can see and feel the pain that we’re feeling or the success that we’re feeling. The clarity of vision, focus, energy, ethics and passion was there and we saw that.” Gur Geva

“Our experience of working with iProov has been amazing. Their technical team helped on the integration side in all sorts of ways and that part was very smooth for us, especially compared to some of the other integrations that we’ve done here over the years.” Jack Bidgood

“I really enjoy working with the iProov team. So far everyone has proven to be really good to deal with. We’re working together, kind of one team, and I just can’t emphasize it enough: it’s great to be working with a bunch of people that you really enjoy spending time with.” Dean Hickman-Smith

Why is iProov a great company to work with? iProov is completely focused on our customers, our partners and our partners’ customers. Hear the iProovers talk about the passion and commitment that iProov delivers.

9. A partnership for success

“We are incredibly grateful that we chose such a smart, collegiate partner like iProov. If I look at the road that we’ve traveled and the growth that we’ve had, I’m not sure that we could have done it with another liveness provider.” Gur Geva

“When we went live with the system, everything that we were told it would do, it did do.” Jack Bidgood

“We’ve already conducted millions of liveness sessions together, and the partnership looks set to to explode as we continue to grow that business together around the world. I think the future is extremely bright and there are many, many areas for further exploration and expansion, and hopefully we can do that together.” Dean Hickman-Smith

How does iProov deliver partnerships for success? The iProov Partner Program is focused on providing partners with technology, sales and marketing support to enable us to work together as one team. iProov announced a $70m investment from Sumeru Equity Partners one of Silicon Valley’s top funds — in 2022 that will see further development and support of our partner network.

10. Watch the video and get in touch

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