iProov Liveness Assurance - biometric liveness detection

Liveness Assurance

iProov’s biometric Liveness Assurance technology delivers all of the benefits that you will find in other liveness detection solutions. Where Liveness Assurance is different is that it can form a unique, integrated package with iProov Genuine Presence Assurance technology to give you extra security when you need it.

  • Delivers a simple, passive user experience
  • Confirms user is the right person and provides assurance that it is a real person
  • Ideal for frequent online authentications, when threat of attack is low
iProov face verification on tablet

What is Liveness Assurance?

Liveness Assurance technology verifies that a face presented to a mobile device is a live human being. It identifies if a photograph or video or mask is being used to attempt to spoof the biometric security system as part of a presentation attack. It confirms that a user is:

  1. The right person – this person exists and has the right to access the online account or service
  2. A real person – this person is a human being and not a photo, a mask, or other presentation attack

Liveness Assurance does not protect against scalable digital attacks like deepfakes or replays where synthetic images are injected into device sensors.

iProov face verification on mobile

What does Liveness Assurance do for your organization?

  • Verifies the identity of online users easily
  • Drives adoption with simple authentication ceremony
  • Increases customer completion rates
  • Balances security and cost for low-threat interactions
  • Can be combined with other iProov technologies for added security

Liveness Assurance Products

iProov Liveness Assurance - biometric liveness detection

Basic Face Verifier

With iProov Basic Face Verifier you can authenticate a remote user’s face against a pre-enrolled biometric template and confirm it’s the right person and a real person. Like other liveness solutions, it is ideal for frequent, low-risk interactions.

What is Liveness Assurance?

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