iproov security operations centre webcast

The iProov Security Operations Centre: Global Active Threat Management for Biometric Assurance

September 9 2020

iProov recently announced its launch of the world’s first global threat intelligence system for biometric assurance. The iProov Security Operations Centre (iSOC) is fundamental in detecting, blocking, and learning from sophisticated cyber attacks that are attempted every single day against our customers worldwide.

So to explain exactly why the iSOC is needed, and what it does for our customers using iProov Genuine Presence Assurance technology, we spoke to iProov CTO, Dominic Forrest.

In the ten minute webcast, Dominic takes us through three key points:

  1. Biometric authentication: why it’s becoming the go-to technology for online security
  2. What iSOC is, and why it is critical to enterprises and governments
  3. What iSOC does to protect our customers all over the world

If you have more questions about iSOC or iProov’s Genuine Presence Assurance technology, get in touch with us today at contact@iproov.com.

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