iProov Web: Biometric Authentication on Web Browser

iProov Web on laptop

We’re very pleased to announce that iProov is bringing Genuine Presence Assurance to the web browser, with the launch of iProov Web.

Since 2018, over 3 million people have used iProov’s patented Flashmark technology in mobile apps to confirm their genuine presence. The world’s most security-conscious organizations, including the US Department of Homeland Security, the UK Home Office, Standard Bank in South Africa, and ING in the Netherlands, are using iProov technology in large-scale applications. 

iProov Web now extends effortless genuine presence assurance to web browsers, allowing users to securely “iProov” themselves on their laptop and desktop computers, tablets, kiosks, and other devices. Watch the 12 minute webcast.


Data suggests that consumers still prefer to use desktops and laptops for larger purchases. In 2019, web accounted for 37% of web traffic but delivered 56% of web revenue. 

iProov Web will enable organizations to deliver:

  • Security against scalable and highly dangerous digital attacks like deepfakes
  • Wider access and inclusiveness for citizens and customers without smartphones
  • A hugely improved user experience compared to alternatives, with options that reflect the wide range of operating environments of iProov Web
  • Higher Net Promoter Score and customer satisfaction, with increased completion rates and reduced drop-off during registration and purchases/transactions
  • Consumer access to digital services without the need to download an app that will not be used frequently

Applications for iProov Web’s simple, secure user experience include:

  • Digital onboarding - whether setting up a bank account or registering for government, health or travel services, the process of completing an application with genuine presence assurance can now be done securely and effortlessly on a laptop or desktop.
  • Multi-factor authentication - when completing high-risk, high-value transactions like transferring money or adding payees, iProov Web can be used as a device-independent biometric factor alongside a device certificate or a knowledge-based challenge.
  • Account/password recovery - when a user’s digital identity or account is stolen or password has been forgotten, iProov Web provides a strong credential that cannot be compromised or impersonated by the attacker. It also allows a user to safely and easily recover their account or reset passwords from any device.

“iProov Web is a game changer for the digital identity industry,” said Andrew Bud, CEO of iProov. “Millions of people around the world have iProoved themselves on a mobile app, accessing online government, banking or travel services securely by proving that they are who they say they are and that they are genuinely present during the authentication.”

Bud continued, “With iProov Web, we are now enabling organizations to deliver the same uniquely secure and effortless authentication process on a web browser. Users without smartphones or those who prefer to use laptops or desktop computers for online banking or other secure services can now benefit from the same effortless user journeys as mobile users. It means a hugely improved digital customer experience, greater inclusivity and accessibility, and access to a larger audience.”

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