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Biometrically-Verified Identity Experience with iProov and Ping Identity

Enable secure and effortless onboarding and authentication journeys through facial biometrics.

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Why choose iProov and Ping Identity for your identity experience? 

One of the most significant challenges with digital interactions is trust. Whether for remote transactions or remote workforce, organizations are increasingly subject to attacks from impersonators and fraudsters committing identity fraud. The challenge is to securely establish that the remote user is who they say they are when interacting digitally, whether on a personal, work, or shared device.

1 Million is the number of synthetic identities found in the credit industry

iProov has partnered with Ping Identity to deliver a PingOne DaVinci connector that utilizes the iProov Biometric Solution Suite to enable IAM and CIAM programs to verify and authenticate an individual’s identity remotely using proven science-based liveness detection. Liveness detection is used in biometric verification and authentication to assure that the genuine person is gaining rightful access to services. Preventing criminals or impostors from spoofing identity verification processes by using photographs, videos, masks, or generative AI-created deepfakes or face swaps.

Upgrade Security and Usability for Key Identity Moments


Inherence based MFA

Replace insecure, legacy methods of MFA with modern, resilient face biometrics that enhance the authentication experience for customers and workforce.

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Step-up authentication

Add inherence-based authentication as a secondary factor to ensure the appropriate level of assurance during high-risk access requests.

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Stepping stone to passwordless

Roadmap to true passwordless with face biometrics as a foundational component. Integrate iProov into your MFA and step up authentication workflows before making the step to passwordless.


Onboard with greater levels of assurance

Streamline the onboarding process by using face biometrics to determine the genuineness of an individual attempting to verify their identity, mitigating the need for manual, human-based processes that are susceptible to error and manipulation.


Simplify account recovery without compromising security

Enable a smooth account recovery process by integrating a quick, secure face biometric check rather than expecting users to answer frustrating and insecure knowledge-based questions or relying on a ‘trusted’ device.

Integrating iProov into your Ping Identity workflows


Hear Ping Identity’s Loren Russon, SVP Product & Technology, and iProov’s Joe Palmer, Chief Product & Innovation Officer talk about how iProov’s facial biometrics solutions fit into Ping Identity’s ecosystem for convenient remote authentication, meeting the strictest industry standards and accessibility guidelines.


Ping Identity Orchestration

Identity Orchestration

Design seamless end user experiences by integrating all your chosen identity vendors with no-code, drag-and-drop visual flows.

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iProov Connector

iProov has partnered with Ping Identity to deliver a PingOne DaVinci connector that provides a frictionless identity verification experience utilizing an iProov facial biometric capture (a selfie).

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