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iProov Introduces Flexible Biometric Customer Authentication for Global Enterprises

October 6 2020

iProov has today introduced a new integrated biometric assurance solution, giving organizations the ability to authenticate online users according to the risk profile of the interaction.

Until now, enterprises have been forced to choose between authentication solutions. On the one hand, a system capable of verifying user identity for frequent, low-risk transactions; on the other hand, a solution capable of protecting against AI-driven criminal attacks.

iProov’s innovation means they can now have both.

The integrated solution provides organizations with access to a single package of authentication technology, and the ability to automatically invoke the appropriate one, for every interaction depending on the level of threat. The package delivers access to two technologies:

  • Genuine Presence Assurance used by governments and enterprises worldwide to deliver the most secure online authentication, Genuine Presence Assurance uses a brief, passive face authentication ceremony to assure the presence of an online user. iProov’s Flashmark technology uses controlled illumination to confirm that an online user is the right person (matching the photo of a trusted identity document), a real person (not a photograph or video presented to the device camera), and that they are authenticating right now (not a video or deepfake injected into device sensors).
  • Liveness Assurance – iProov’s liveness solution also uses a passive, effortless facial biometric ceremony, where a user simply aligns their face with their device to complete the authentication. Like all liveness products, Liveness Assurance defends against attackers putting things in front of a camera to try to spoof the authentication process. This, along with its lower cost, makes it appropriate for frequent, low risk transactions. iProov Liveness Assurance was tested by iBeta to the ISO 30107-3 Biometric Presentation Attack Detection Standard for Levels 1 and 2, and passed with perfect results.

Flexible authentication enables organizations to adjust the level of security

For example:

  • A customer applying for a bank account would verify their identity using Genuine Presence Assurance during onboarding, in line with guidelines from financial regulators. Signing in to check a balance could be accomplished with Liveness Assurance, while setting up a new payee or transferring a large amount of money would instead require a Genuine Presence Assurance authentication.
  • A citizen applying for a government benefit would securely confirm their identity with Genuine Presence Assurance during the enrolment process (the use of synthetic identities and similar other fraud being most likely to occur at onboarding). Once enrolled, the process of signing in to check that a benefit payment had been made could be completed with Liveness Assurance. A more sensitive transaction, such as registering a change of circumstance or directing benefits to a new bank account, would require Genuine Presence Assurance.

Andrew Bud, CEO and Founder of iProov, said; “Organizations need to balance security, usability, and cost when choosing the right biometric authentication provider. Until now, they have had to choose one level of security and stick with it. For the first time, iProov is providing the flexibility to select the assurance level to best match each transaction.

“One platform for every level of authentication brings three key benefits: a consistent user experience, technical simplicity, and peace of mind, knowing that every level of security is at your finger-tips.”

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