Biometric Authentication for Financial Services

Biometrics has become an ever-present feature of everyday life, as millions of people worldwide use face verification to unlock their phones and use certain mobile apps and services. As more processes shift to digital, the creation of a secure digital identity is now a necessity when accessing online services.  

Many organizations in the financial sector such as retail banks, investment banks, wealth management firms, payment providers, and cryptocurrency exchanges have to strike a balance between executing swift and accurate verification of new customers while delivering a positive user experience.  

This guide takes a closer look at the benefits of biometric authentication, how biometrics helps to combat risk, and the practical applications of this tool in the financial sector. 

How can biometric authentication enhance your organization? Download our guide to find out.

What’s inside the guide:

  • How biometric authentication works 
  • What biometric authentication looks like in practice
  • How biometric authentication can boost onboarding completion rates, enhance the customer experience, and save your business money

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Biometric Authentication for Financial Services