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COVID Status Credentials and Vaccine Certificates

The global debate about COVID Status Credentials is evolving every day. The discussion about using vaccine certificates or immunity passports to open up international and domestic economies is now focused on a broader concept: COVID Status Credentials. iProov has been working with our partner, Mvine, to develop a solution that is inclusive, convenient, secure and respectful of people’s privacy.

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COVID Status Credentials: Why is Online Face Verification Necessary?

Online face verification offers significant advantages to COVID status programs:

  • It verifies that the person presenting the credential is its rightful owner. A paper or digital credential can easily be copied, borrowed or faked. If a COVID status program can be fooled, it will lose public confidence.
  • It simplifies the checking process. The manual procedure of a person at a front desk asking to see a COVID credential, then asking for photo ID, then checking that the person’s face matches the ID is clunky. It is slow, it requires judgment from the checker and it involves sharing data that does not need to be shared (for example date of birth or address on a driver’s license).
  • It maximizes privacy. By connecting COVID status to an individual’s face, users can securely verify that they are the holder of that status without revealing any other unnecessary data about themselves.
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How Does the Mvine-iProov Solution Work?

There are three distinct processes in the lifecycle of a certificate. These are:
• Creation of the credential: the information in the credential must be correct
• Presentation of the credential: the user wanting to share their COVID status must be able to present on paper as well as digitally
• Checking of the credential: the process of checking someone’s COVID status must be fast and not require any judgment by the checker

The Mvine-iProov solution enables each of these processes to be managed in a way that is secure, convenient, inclusive and protective of user privacy.

The iProov-Mvine Solution: What Does It Look Like?

More about COVID Status Credentials

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The Mvine-iProov design for a simple, secure and widely recognized COVID-19 immunity and vaccination passport is moving into testing.

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COVID Status Credentials must be inclusive, convenient, secure and respectful of people’s privacy

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