A deepfake is a video, visual, or audio recording that has been distorted, manipulated, or synthetically created using deep learning techniques to present an individual saying or doing something that they did not say or do.

Deepfakes are created using artificial neural networks. As this technology advances, deepfakes can be produced increasingly easily while looking authentic and convincing.

Although deepfakes have been used for social sharing and entertainment, they have also been employed in hoaxes, revenge porn, and increasingly, fraud and impersonation. 

Biometric authentication and verification systems must protect against deepfakes and other synthetic media. Deepfakes can be used in presentation attacks where deepfake images, videos, or recordings are held to a camera or other sensor. 

Deepfakes become even more dangerous when they are employed in digital injected attacks, as they can be scaled very quickly to cause significant damage. iProov’s Dynamic Liveness is unique in protecting against digital injected attacks and synthetic media such as deepfakes.

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