Digital Injection Attack

Digital injection attacks are sophisticated, highly scalable, and replicable cyberattacks that bypass the camera on a device, or are injected into a data stream.

Digital injection attacks can be used to spoof biometric verification and authentication systems. By injecting replay attacks or synthetic imagery, including deepfakes, into a data stream, criminals can try to impersonate a bona fide user and gain unauthorized access to accounts or systems (or set up new accounts).

There are many ways in which digital injection attacks can be executed. They could trick the application with a fake camera feed, for example, or criminals could inject imagery into the data stream between a device and the organization. 

iProov is unique in being able to detect digital injected attacks, thanks to our one-time biometric and our use of cloud technology. This means we treat every device as if it were compromised – i.e. hacked or jailbroken, or infiltrated by a digital injected or other attack