Flashmark™, an iProov patented technology, powers Dynamic Liveness. It uses controlled illumination to provide effortless, secure, and reassuring biometric authentication. 

The technology is unique in creating a “one-time biometric”. Flashmark illuminates a sequence of colors from the device screen onto the user’s face for a few seconds. The facial imagery with the sequence of colors is streamed back to iProov through the cloud, where it is determined if the color sequence is as expected. This confirms real-time authenticity.

While other liveness technologies require effort from the user, Flashmark enables users to authenticate by only looking at their device. It’s passive and highly secure.

How Does Flashmark Work?

An instruction is sent to the user’s device, along with a time-limited session code, which tells the device to illuminate the user’s face with an unpredictable sequence of colors. 

The deep-learning techniques in iProov Dynamic Liveness analyze the reflection of the colors from the legitimate user’s face in the cloud to demonstrate that they are authenticating in real time. 

This means that the imagery is useless if intercepted, stolen, recorded, or reproduced by a previous authentication or a deepfake – protecting users from both simple and advanced threats.

The Benefits of Flashmark

Flashmark in GPA provides greater anti-spoofing across a range of attacks – not just standard presentation attacks but also highly scalable injection attacks using deepfakes and sophisticated replays, delivering an industry-leading level of assurance that the person is real and authenticating right now.

The unpredictable color sequence is automatically generated by servers, not locally by a device. This makes it extremely difficult for attackers to manipulate, replicate or reverse engineer the authentication process. You can read more about cloud server versus on-device authentication here.

The reflection of the correct colors from the legitimate user’s face demonstrates that they are a real person, authenticating right now  –  i.e. they are a ’live’ and genuinely present person. For each service provider, the color sequence is never repeated in a user’s lifetime. It has a limited time duration, creating a one-time biometric which cannot be reused or recreated and is worthless if stolen.

Learn More About Flashmark

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