Dynamic Liveness

Dynamic Liveness (GPA) is iProov’s flagship biometric technology. It delivers cloud-based, secure, effortless, and passive face biometric authentication.

This market-leading biometric face authentication and anti-spoofing technology detects and protects against current and future threats such as:

  • Highly scalable digital injection attacks (replayed or synthetic imagery that bypasses the device camera or is injected into the data stream)
  • Presentation attacks (physical or digital artifacts presented to the device camera)

Patented Flashmark™ technology uses controlled illumination to provide effortless, secure, and reassuring biometric authentication. An instruction is sent to the user’s device, along with a time-limited session code, which tells the device to illuminate the user’s face with an unpredictable sequence of colors.

The deep-learning techniques in iProov Dynamic Liveness analyze the reflected sequence to confirm it is:

  • The right person: The user matches the image from a trusted photo ID document or previously enrolled biometric
  • A real person: Reflection of light from the skin confirms liveness and that it is a genuine human biometric, not a spoof
  • Authenticating right now: The illuminated color sequence creates a one-time biometric which cannot be reused or recreated validating the authentication is taking place in real-time

Dynamic Liveness is also supported by the iProov Security Operations Centre, (iSOC), which defends against known threats, such as presentation and scalable digital injection attacks, as well as protecting against unknown attacks. Every day, new cyberattack techniques emerge and iSOC’s machine-learning technology provides active threat management to help identify and handle such activity.