April 8, 2024

iProov, a leading provider of science-led biometric technology, today announces the launch of the iProov Biometric Solutions Suite. The suite gives access to biometric solutions for remote onboarding and biometric authentication, including the newly-named Express Liveness and Dynamic Liveness, formerly known as Liveness Assurance and Genuine Presence Assurance respectively. 

In response to the escalation of generative AI and deepfakes, the market is increasingly recognizing the critical role of liveness detection in safeguarding remote systems from fraudsters. iProov is at the core of this, armed with unique insights into the movements of sophisticated threat actors through the iProov Security Operations Center, which monitors and responds to threats across the globe. 

Alongside the launch of the iProov Biometric Solution Suite, the company also unveils a new visual identity that reflects the innovative and science-led culture of the organization. “This is a significant milestone for iProov,” said Andrew Bud, founder and CEO, iProov. “We have a world-class team of scientists, threat intelligence specialists, and ethical hackers who are driving biometric innovation to fight AI with AI. What we look like on the outside finally reflects what we look like on the inside.” 

At the heart of iProov’s approach is the combination of software and science to stop today’s attacks and mitigate tomorrow’s threats. Armed with real-time threat monitoring, cutting-edge research, and threat intelligence, experts are poised to ensure the world’s most security-conscious organizations stay one step ahead of the evolving threat landscape.

For more information please visit iProov’s new website or contact iProov via email at contact@iproov.com.

Biometric Solution Suite