In 2023, iProov, the leading provider of science-based facial biometric identity solutions, experienced substantial growth driven in large part by the growing prevalence of generative AI-based threats to remote onboarding and remote authentication processes.

Overall Business Highlights:

  • iProov expanded its production level customer base by 30%.
  • Over the three years leading to December 2023, transactions on iProov’s platform surged 21-fold, with over a quarter of customers processing more than a million high-risk transactions annually
  • More than 100m unique individuals verified their identity using iProov.
  • iProov grew its team by 12.5% with focused investment in its Science and Engineering functions
  • iProov expanded into Latin America adding staff in Mexico,  Brazil, and Colombia, resulting in partner-led support for 175 enterprises in the region.
  • These transactions were initiated from more than 27,000 different device models underscoring iProov’s commitment to maximize inclusivity for users regardless of age, region, ethnicity, or socio-economic class.

“iProov has developed a science-based biometrics identity solution suite that is uniquely able to establish the genuine presence of an individual ensuring that they are the right person, a real person, and they’re authenticating right now,” explains Andrew Bud, founder and CEO, iProov. “This approach is the single most effective way to incapacitate generative AI-based attacks before they can cause damage.”

In addition to traditional identity fraud concerns, organizations must now mitigate risks driven by a rapidly growing number of threats from weaponized generative AI tools.  Crime-as-a-Service networks have democratized the accessibility and affordability of these highly sophisticated tools allowing even low-skilled threat actors to create lifelike synthetic media such as deepfakes to undermine remote identity verification processes. These developments have created a greater sense of urgency for organizations that offer remote onboarding and remote authentication for high-risk transactions and services as it is now more difficult than ever before to prove that someone is who they claim to be online. Organizations utilizing video services for remote person-to-person identity verification are particularly vulnerable to deepfake threats as an Idiap Research Institute study which looked to quantify if humans can uncover a deepfake found that only 24% of people in their test could spot deepfakes. 

In a Gartner press release issued on 1 February 2024,  Akif Khan, VP analyst at Gartner focused on identity proofing in digital channels, echoed the need for deepfake risk mitigation stating that “organizations should start defining a minimum baseline of controls by working with vendors that have specifically invested in mitigating the latest deepfake-based threats using IAD (injection attack detection) coupled with image inspection” 

Customer Highlights

  • Eurostar Group, the high-speed international rail service connecting the UK with mainland Europe, announced the roll-out at London St Pancras Station of SmartCheck, a contactless fast-track smart border facial biometric check-in system supplied by iProov in July 2023.
  • The U.S. Department Of Homeland Security (DHS) Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced it is using the iProov Biometric Solutions Suite for secure border crossings.
  • California DMV chose iProov face biometrics and liveness detection in the issuance of an mDL (Mobile Driver’s license). Enabling individuals to use their mDL to pass security at airports with TSA PreCheck and proving their age to purchase alcohol at stores
  • iProov achieved UK Government Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework Certification (DIATF), which enables it to provide digital identity verification services for Right to Work and Right to Rent services managed by the Home Office and DBS, as well as other future use cases requiring the DATF accreditation.

Product Highlights

  • iProov became the first identity vendor to achieve WCAG 2.2 AA compliance. WCAG Compliance remains one of the best ways to ensure an organization’s web content is inclusive and accessible for as many people as possible. This is critical for public sector organizations that are often mandated by law to deliver accessible websites and digital content to citizens with some form of disabilities.

iProov also delivered its annual SDK major release in September 2023 which delivered key security and performance enhancements including:

  • Improved detection and prevention of a wide range of advanced digital injection attacks and metadata manipulation methodologies.
  • Support for App Clips (iOS) and Instant Apps (Android) to enable customer end users to experience key app features without downloading the full version.

Partner Highlights

Notable Achievements

iProov launched the biometric industry’s first Threat Intelligence Report highlighting the key attack patterns witnessed throughout 2022.


iProov was referenced in the following analyst reports:

Industry awards received include:

  • SC Awards Europe – Best Authentication Platform 2023 
  • Cyber Defense Magazine – Global Infosec Awards – Editor’s Choice for Biometrics
  • Cybersecurity Excellence Awards – Gold Award for Government
  • FT1000 – Fastest Growing Companies Award 2023 (second year in a row)
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