October 24, 2022

iProov, the world leader in face biometric verification and authentication technology, and Microblink, a global leader in AI-powered computer vision software, announced today a partnership to provide a premier biometric- and document-based identity verification solution to organizations worldwide.

Combining Microblink’s expertise in AI-powered identity document scanning with iProov’s best-in-class biometric face verification, organizations can fully onboard new customers in an easy-to-use process without compromising fraud protection.

“As consumer demand for digital identity services grows exponentially, organizations must stay a step ahead of the evolving and sophisticated threats to online verification systems,” said Joe Palmer, chief product & innovation officer at iProov. “Together, iProov and Microblink provide an integrated solution that protects organizations against online fraud, while safeguarding consumers’ digital identity.”

iProov’s patented face biometric verification and authentication technology is used by organizations globally to confirm that an online user is the right person, a real person, and that they are authenticating right now. Its Dynamic Liveness and Express Liveness technologies deliver an effortless user experience with the highest levels of security to help prevent fraud, identity theft, and other cybercrime during online onboarding, authentication, and identity recovery.

“We believe that an increasing number of industries are looking for fully automated identity verification solutions that provide the best combination of user experience and fraud protection,” said Hartley Thompson, chief operating officer at Microblink. “Microblink’s partnership with iProov is a powerful offering to meet those needs.”

BlinkID is Microblink’s AI-driven software solution that enables seamless scanning and data extraction of identity documents. With the ability to scan document types from 138 countries – including driver’s licenses, passports, and other government-issued IDs – Microblink’s solution serves a number of industries and companies looking to evolve their identity verification process.

iProov and Microblink first offered a holistic solution for Ignition-Innovation’s digital identity service, TruMeID, in Trinidad & Tobago.