June 15, 2022

iProov, the world leader in biometric face authentication technology, announced today that it is continuing the expansion of its Dynamic Liveness and Express Liveness technology to increase online trust in the Americas. Ignition-Innovation has selected iProov’s award-winning face verification and authentication technology for its new digital identity solution, TruMeID, in Trinidad & Tobago.

TruMeID provides consumers with a digital identity solution that facilitates secure access to a range of online services. In-person counter services can be replaced with convenient, secure web and mobile access, delivering greater inclusivity and return on investment in the form of economic growth. TruMeID also helps organizations to prevent fraud and other online crime by ensuring that only the right individual has access to their account and data.

Ignition-Innovation will deploy iProov’s technology to verify that an online user is who they claim to be. A brief, passive face scan confirms that an individual is the right person, matching the identity to a trusted identity document. It also verifies that the user is a real person and not a presentation attack using a photo or mask, and that they are authenticating in real time, thereby preventing digitally injected attacks that use a deepfake or other synthetic media.

“Governments around the world are all facing the same challenge–how to provide citizen access to more digital services when cyber criminals are ramping up their tactics and intensity,” said Andrew Bud, Founder and CEO of iProov. “Our technology plays a major role in helping governments keep people and data safe in light of this growing threat. We are proud to be working with Ignition-Innovation as they launch a robust solution that enables citizens to securely interact with government online.”

“After exhaustive research, the team at Ignition Innovation selected iProov as our key partner for liveness and facial verification for our TruMeID solution for the Caribbean,” said Jeston Lett, Ignition-Innovation CEO. “The superior facial verification technology, as well as the support from the team, their willingness to help and the spirit of collaboration makes us certain that we selected the genuinely superior solution to integrate into our identity module.”