June 13, 2023

iProov, the world leader in facial biometric authentication technology, and Undercoverlab an Andorra based custom software developer, today announced a partnership. As part of the partnership, iProov Biometric Solution Suite has been integrated into Undercoverlab Tsubacheck security solution to allow faster and more reliable user authentication through facial biometrics for government and financial organizations across Europe and Central America.  

As online fraud continues on an upward trajectory, traditional methods of authentication such as passwords and one-time passcodes (OTP) are no longer fit for purpose. Organizations are looking for more reliable alternatives to ensure the solutions they deliver to users are trusted, easy-to-use, and provide transparency. At the center of trust is verifying digital identity. Facial biometric authentication provides a secure and reliable method to establish that an individual is who they claim to be and is verifying in real-time. iProov’s science-based approach to biometrical facial authentication provides protection threat actor methodologies from straightforward presentation attacks to the most sophisticated generative AI based deepfakes.

“Reducing fraud and increasing customer satisfaction are top priorities for organizations across the globe. Undercoverlab needed a secure and reliable identity authentication solution and by integrating iProov Biometric Solution Suite into Tsubacheck we ensure that every user is quickly verified and checked to prove they are the right person, a real person, and authenticating right now,” said Andrew Bud, founder and CEO, iProov. “The partnership with Undercoverlab creates new opportunities and we’re excited to work together further to strengthen security for their customers.”

“With iProov’s technology, we are fortifying Tsubacheck’s ecosystem, and creating a robust and synergistic authentication protocol,” said Josep Rivas, CEO, Undercoverlab. “This strategic integration has significantly bolstered Tsubacheck providing unparalleled user authentication reliability without compromising the user experience. We look forward to the benefits this collaboration with iProov will bring to our customers.”  Tsubacheck’s distinct capabilities include geolocation verification, secure distribution of information via blockchain, generation and verified signing of documents such as contracts, controlled access to physical and digital events and courses, among others.

Undercover Labs iProov solution