iProov Verifier allows companies and organisations to offer simple and secure online authentication. Every industry has its own way of maximising the value it gains from using Verifier. Some like its reliability; some its cross device and channel capabilities; some its prevention of deliberate credential sharing; all like its accessibility and ease of use.

Financial services

  • Initial bank account login access - as an alternative to hard and soft tokens
  • Step-up authentication for higher risk transactions: eg. mobile payments for larger transactions, add a new payee, change customer details
  • Accessible, unstealable alternative to PIN for internal ATM access
  • In-branch counter authentication to assist staff
  • Authentication of customer-not-present payment transactions
  • Contact centre call/video/chat session ID verification (partnership with Genesys Technologies)
  • Authentication of branch staff to central services
  • Non-shareable authentication of corporate client users and super-users for bank and credit card accounts


  • Flexible and secure access to patient files for doctors, nursing and administrative hospital staff using standard hardware (eg. tablets)
  • Web access for professionals to telemedicine resource
  • Patient access to online health records and appointments
  • Patient authentication for repeat prescriptions
  • Patient authentication for contact with health insurance contact centres
  • Pharmaceutical trial participant access to reporting service

Access Control

  • Remote access by value chain partners to privileged IT resources
  • Unshareable physical access control
  • Logical and physical access by outsourced and facilities management staff
  • Easier employee VPN access
  • Strong, unshareable priviledged access control (eg. ID management root functions, ICT administrator access, access to sensitive personal data, board-level information access)
  • Occasional access to infrequently used services 
  • Automation of password resets

Use cases


  • Secure online account access with no password archive theft risk
  • Contact centre call/video/chat ID verification (partnership with Genesys Technologies)
  • Unshareable credential for access to paid online subscription services and membership sites