iProov Verifier

iProov Verifier authenticates users on smartphones, tablets and laptops - in fact on almost any device with a front-facing camera and a network connection.

Using the very latest in Machine Learning technology, including Deep Learning, Verifier's servers check that the user's face corresponds to the face they originally enrolled. It's astonishingly accurate.

We think authentication should be a frictionless step on the way to access data and transactions, and not an enforced photo session. So we show the user enough of their face for them to own the process, but abstract enough that they don't need to worry about getting a nice selfie portrait. Users can iProov in public and no one will notice.

With Verifier, users can access their accounts across channels and platforms, so that organisations can build relationships with individuals, not their devices.

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Securing the user

iProov Verifier is a major breakthrough in assuring users' identities and protecting organisations from risk. Unique technology provides three essential, interlocking assurances:

  • Verification: by matching the user's face with their enrolment, it prevents impersonation by someone else.
  • Forgery Defence: by accurately detecting if a photo or screen image is being presented instead of the real thing, it prevents the use of stolen images.
  • Replay Defence: Verifier immediately spots if a recording of a previous authentication session is being replayed in an attempt to use stolen genuine imagery.

Together, these defences protect against the theft of user images, casual hacker attacks and large scale, brute force and malware campaigns.


iProov Verifier (ID Matcher) delivers confirmation of ID document ownership by remote users, for KYC, onboarding and e-border applications.

Using an ID document photo, captured by a range of partner solutions, iProov captures the user’s selfie and matches it to the photo, ensuring that the selfie shows a genuine, physically present user. iProov’s Flashmark anti-spoofing technology delivers uniquely high levels of compliance with KYC and anti-money laundering regulations, within an effortless and rapid user journey. No action is required by the user during the 2.5 second process. iProov’s proprietary Deep Learning face matcher delivers results extremely fast and with outstanding accuracy, significantly superior to human checks.

iProov interfaces with a range of ID document capture solutions, including both NFC reading of ICAO 9303 compatible documents (including most passports and many identity cards) and photographic image capture of documents. iProov does not undertake any document capture or analysis functions – these are delivered by partners including Innovalor BV, world-leaders in NFC biometric information capture. iProov does not receive any personal information from the document, and processes images as anonymous credentials, ensuring the solution delivers privacy by design

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iProov Photo Compare is a low-level online service for matching ID document photos and selfie stills captured by third party applications.
iProov Photo Compare has been highly optimised for the specific ID document-selfie use case. It handles the wide variations in lighting and perspective typical of selfies, delivering a superior level of accuracy and user performance thanks to iProov’s proprietary Deep Learning face matching technology which lies at the heart of our Verifier and ID Verifier product.

Please note that users of Photo Compare are themselves responsible for spoof protection, and are not protected by iProov’s world-leading anti-spoofing technology. iProov Photo Compare is available to selected partners on request.

Photo Compare

How it works