Face biometric test protecting against the deepfake threat

Use Cases

iProov’s mission is to make the world a safer place using biometric technology for Genuine Presence Assurance®. We enable organizations to maximize online security while protecting user privacy and making the onboarding and sign-in experience as simple as possible. Find out why iProov technology is so important to the world’s safety and security.

Use cases for iProov

iProov face verification on tablet

Customer Onboarding

Onboarding can take many forms; opening a bank account, applying for a visa, accessing health records, applying for college or joining a social network. With iProov Enroller, the onboarding process comes with security, effortlessness, and privacy.

iProov Enroller


Once a customer or citizen has onboarded, the ongoing authentication process can vary, from multi-factor or step-up authentication for high-risk situations to everyday log-on. iProov provides verification technology to make the process simple and secure.

iProov rebinding


If a mobile device is lost, stolen, or damaged, the process of rebinding a new device to an existing account can be very difficult. iProov technology provides a secure, effortless solution using facial biometrics to minimize customer frustration.

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