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iProov is a fast-growing global technology company and the world leader in using biometric authentication technology for Genuine Presence Assurance. If you want to open a bank account, for example, our technology ensures that you can choose to do that securely and easily on your mobile device or computer, rather than going into a building. Headquartered in London, we have offices in the US and Singapore.

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Our mission

iProov’s mission is to bring trust to the internet by allowing individuals to prove that they are who they say they are online. Every day, our team of iProovers is crossing new frontiers in using biometric authentication to allow secure, simple online access to services in travel, financial services, government, health, social media, and more. If you’d like to make the online world a safer place, come and join us.

Our values

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Achieve the remarkable

We like solving hard challenges here at iProov – we find the answers to difficult problems so our end-users don’t have to.

achieve the remarkable at iProov

Prize our integrity

We do what we believe to be right, we make decisions we can stand by, and we respect our users’ privacy and dignity.

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Work together

iProovers support each other. We prioritize common goals and are never disagreeable to each other.

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Protect our resources

We value our colleagues’ time and well-being. We respect the courage to say no to things when necessary.

About iProov

President of iProov Inc, Joe Palmer

Meet the President (of iProov Inc)

Joe Palmer heads up our US division. In this blog post he talks about the facial biometric sector in North America and how he’s growing the team.

iProov 2020 growth

iProov announces record growth in 2020

2020: a record year for iProov. The number of people verifying their identity online with their bank, government or other organization using iProov has increased by 549%.

iProov office

What’s it like to work at iProov?

Nikhil Kamdar, one of our Solution Consultants, talks about the iProov culture, what he loves about the company, and what it takes to be an iProover.

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