March 30, 2023

Department of Motor Vehicles (DMVs) across America are at a critical crossroads. They’re faced with all-too-familiar issues, such as long in-person wait times and a lack of digital services. Meanwhile, Americans are demanding that more in-person services be made available online. In a recent iProov survey, the majority (70%) of respondents confirmed that people want the DMV to provide online identity services.

So the question is not if DMVs will have to modernize, but when and how.

iProov is currently working with the DMVs in some of the largest US states to help them use secure biometric identity verification to increase customer satisfaction while improving efficiency, security, and privacy online. But many DMVs are struggling with how to take the first step.

In light of this, iProov is hosting an educational webinar on April 6 2022 in partnership with the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) to discuss the role identity proofing can play in the day-to-day DMV transactions.

What Will You Learn in the iProov/ADOT DMV Webinar?

This webinar will examine…

  • How identity proofing will help DMVs enable people to prove that they are who they say they are online.
  • How face biometric verification technology can enable DMVs to provide the highest level of identity assurance during the identity proofing process – while keeping fraudsters out and being easy to use by all.
  • The changing role of the DMV in American society and the challenges of leveraging new technologies – such as biometrics – to create better experiences for the public.
  • How to ensure inclusivity and accessibility when verifying identities online.
  • The new identity proofing standards and guidelines coming next.

iProov will be joined by Eric Jorgensen, ADOT’s Motor Vehicle Division Director, who will share insights from his digital transformation journey at ADOT. We will also discuss some of the challenges Mr. Jorgensen has faced in moving DMV processes forwards and insights into how modern technologies can improve DMV processes and deliver better experiences for the public.

Read on for some key information surrounding DMVs, identity proofing, and modernization – but first sign up for the webinar here!

How Can iProov Help DMVs Across America?

DMVs have long provided organizations and individuals alike with a key identity verification tool in the form of a physical driver’s license – which is the primary way to prove identity in the US. So this is about more than just being able to renew licenses online – it’s about the role DMVs can play in revolutionizing America’s digital identity ecosystem.

But to transform DMVs into a digital identity-proofing resource for Americans, implementing appropriate technology will be vital to protect legitimate online users from impostors or fraudsters. The technology needed to securely verify the identity of people remotely is iProov identity proofing.

With iProov technology, DMVs are able to offer effortless and highly secure remote processes to ensure that the person asserting their identity remotely is the right person, a real person, and that they are authenticating right now. It’s secure, convenient, inclusive, and respectful of user privacy. Read more about iProov here.

Governments worldwide — including the US, UK, Australia, Singapore, and Estonia — are already using iProov’s market-leading technology to deliver online secure services.

In short, iProov helps make DMV digitization and modernization possible by enabling the secure verification of citizen identity online.

DMVs, Identity Proofing, and Modernization: A Summary

Americans are calling for digitization, and the DMV is perfectly positioned to be the hero of America’s digital transformation story.

Ultimately, this is about bringing identity into the 21st century in America – and the potential economic and social opportunities this could create for citizens and DMVs alike.

It’s about leveraging technology to enable DMV systems to handle today’s digital-first demands while protecting them from evolving threats and delivering a first-class user experience for people across America.

By leveraging modern technologies, DMVs can offer secure, inclusive, and convenient digital services to those who want to use them. In this webinar, we’ll illustrate how.

So, join us on April 6 for more information on DMVs, identity proofing, and digital transformation – this is shaping up to be a crucial event for DMV leads and stakeholders. Don’t miss out!

Sign up for the webinar here.

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