April 28, 2021

iProov, the world-leader in cloud-based biometric face authentication, is one of the companies that has been awarded G-Cloud Supplier Status by the UK’s Crown Commercial Service (CCS).

The G-Cloud framework enables public sector departments and organizations to source cloud technology services easily and securely.

iProov’s inclusion in the marketplace further solidifies our position as the leading supplier of online biometric authentication, facial verification, and digital onboarding services to the government and public sector.

What is the G-Cloud framework?

The UK government’s G-Cloud initiative has been active since 2012 as part of the wider “Cloud First” policy. It was created so that public sector bodies could access cloud computing technology while shortening the procurement process.

The G-Cloud framework governs the relationship between cloud suppliers and the Crown Commercial Service. The Digital Marketplace acts as an online catalog of the suppliers that have been approved. Government employees can search through the marketplace for trusted providers, and teams can be sure that suppliers listed on the G-Cloud meet UK Government standards.

Being approved on G-Cloud requires a stringent submission process and only certain companies are allowed to appear on the marketplace. Just 5000 suppliers made it into this year’s G-Cloud framework.

The government releases a new version of the G-Cloud framework around every 9 months. More than £7 billion worth of cloud services have been purchased using the G-Cloud framework since its inception.

What does iProov bring to G-Cloud? Biometric authentication, face verification, and support for digital identity

iProov can be found on G-Cloud for a number of services. These include:

  • Digital identity on G-Cloud: Government departments need to be able to verify the identity of citizens online, so that secure, effortless access can be provided to digital government services. iProov’s face biometric verification enables public sector agencies to deliver access to online services securely and inclusively.
  • Biometric authentication on G-Cloud: iProov’s remote biometric authentication provides a highly secure yet effortless way for governments to verify a citizen’s identity online. The governments of Singapore and Australia are using iProov to verify user identity online, helping to minimize the frustrations of passwords and one-time passcodes (OTPs).
  • Face verification on G-Cloud: Face verification is often confused with face recognition, when the two are actually very different. With face verification, a user knows the process is happening, they collaborate with it, and there is a direct benefit to them – read more about the differences between face verification and face recognition. iProov’s face verification enables citizens to onboard and authenticate themselves in a way that protects user privacy, thanks to iProov’s privacy firewall and compliance with GDPR laws.
  • Digital onboarding on G-Cloud: Processes such as creating accounts for access to health services or applying for visas online require users to prove their identity at the point of onboarding. Thanks to iProov’s Genuine Presence Assurance, governments can onboard citizens with the highest level of security.

iProov’s inclusion in the framework further builds on our position as a trusted service provider to public sectors and governments. We work closely with governments and public sectors across the world, including the Australian government, the US Department of Homeland Security, and GovTech Singapore. Genuine Presence Assurance is trusted by government and public sector organizations because it provides the utmost security, without compromising user experience or inclusivity.

G-Cloud also reflects continued support from the UK government; we have been working with the UK Home Office since November 2019, working with Worldreach Software to support the EU Settlement Scheme.

iProov products you can find on G-Cloud

This is the third year iProov has been included on the G-Cloud Digital Marketplace – we have been a verified supplier on both G-Cloud 10 and 11, offering cloud technology services to the UK public sector for several years. We have four products currently listed on G-Cloud:

  • Face Verifier
  • Enroller
  • Palm Verifier
  • Basic Face Verifier

Find an in-depth focus on iProov products here. iProov can be found on the G-Cloud digital marketplace under the following categories: Application Security, Information and Communications Technology, Operations Management, and Software Development Tools.

We look forward to working with customers in the UK government and public sector, both old and new!

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