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Government and Public Sector

Governments around the world are using iProov’s facial biometric technology to securely verify the identity of citizens online. With iProov, public sector agencies can accelerate digital transformation and deliver online services to citizens in a way that is secure, usable, inclusive and respectful of privacy.

  • Verify identity for simple, secure online access
  • Maximize citizen inclusivity and accessibility
  • Comply with regulations

Government and Public Sector Customers include

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Government technology

Benefits of using iProov biometrics for government:

  1. Provides citizens with access to services online
  2. Delivers a simple authentication experience
  3. Works across devices and platforms
  4. Achieves the highest levels of security
  5. Prioritizes inclusivity and accessibility
  6. Meets citizen expectations on privacy
  7. Complies with regulations

How is iProov used by governments?

National Digital Identity

National digital identity

iProov is supporting some of the world’s most pioneering national digital identity projects. iProov technology is enabling Estonia and other nations to deliver inclusivity, accessibility, security, usability, and privacy using biometric authentication.

Visas and immigration

Visas and immigration

iProov enables governments to securely verify the genuine presence of remote users within seconds. This enables visa applications and other immigration processes to be automated, giving faster and more transparent services to citizens and visitors.

Border management

Border control

In 2018, the US Department for Homeland Security chose iProov to help enhance and secure cross-border passenger travel. With iProov, the management of remote border crossings can be automated for simplicity, security, and privacy.

iProov Awards

2021 GoTech Awards Most Innovati
Globe Award Cyber Security Excellence 2021
Cyber Security Excellence Award 2021, Government
Cyber Security Excellence Award 2021, Financial Services
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iProov Enroller


iProov Enroller enables you to verify the identity of new customers during the online onboarding process. Enroller uses Genuine Presence Assurance® to confirm a user is the right person, a real person, and authenticating right now.

iProov Face Verifier

Face Verifier

Once an individual has onboarded, iProov Face Verifier enables ongoing authentication for accessing services, checking the status of applications or for completing renewals. It can be used for primary, multi-factor or step-up authentication.

Liveness Assurance - passive Biometric liveness detection

Basic Face Verifier

Basic Face Verifier uses Liveness Assurance™ instead of Genuine Presence to confirm an individual is the right person and provide some assurance they are a real person. Like other liveness detection solutions, it is ideal for frequent, low-risk interactions.

iProov Palm Verifier

Palm Verifier

Palm Verifier provides Genuine Presence Assurance, confirming that a user is the right person, a real person, and authenticating right now. A contactless solution, it is hygienic, simple to use, and highly secure. It also requires no specialist hardware.

Resources for Governments

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Case Studies in Government Digital Identity

Learn how governments are using secure digital identity verification to improve the lives of citizens globally. Case studies include the UK Home Office, the US Department of Homeland Security, the Singapore Government, the Australian Government, and Estonia’s Smart-ID initiative.

iProov DMV REAL ID report image modernization

Digital Identity USA: Why DMVs Must Deliver Real ID Online

As the REAL ID deadline approaches, DMVs face the challenge of issuing millions of compliant IDs. iProov’s report highlights the consumer demand for electronic identification rather than in-person appointments—90% of Americans would pay to renew a driver’s license online.

Vaccination status credential app

COVID Status Credentials and Vaccine Certificates

The debate about vaccine certificates and immunity passports has moved on and is now focused on COVID Status Credentials. How can secure face verification help the world return to some form of normality? The iProov solution is inclusive, convenient, secure and respectful of people’s privacy.

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