iProov makes the online authentication of customers simple. An effortless face biometric scan can be used to verify user identity, minimizing frustration with passwords and OTPs. iProov can be used for primary, multi-factor or step-up authentication.

  • Provide simple, secure access to online services
  • Minimize customer frustration with passwords
  • Deliver an effortless user experience
Face verification with mobile device

Authenticating with iProov:

  1. Authentication of a remote customer begins
  2. They complete a simple facial biometric scan
  3. This confirms they are the right person
  4. Identity is assured and access is granted
  5. Works on mobile devices, computers, or unattended kiosks

Digital customer authentication use cases

Multifactor authentication

Multi-factor authentication

iProov provides the ‘something you are’ security factor to make MFA as simple and secure as possible.

Step-up authentication

Step-up authentication

iProov enables simple, secure step-up authentication to provide extra protection on transactions with an increased risk or value.


iProov Face Verifier

Face Verifier

With iProov Face Verifier you can authenticate a remote user’s face against a pre-enrolled biometric template and confirm it’s the right person, a real person and authenticating in real-time. It can be used as a primary authentication mode or as part of a multi-factor or step up authentication.

iProov Palm Verifier

Palm Verifier

Palm Verifier provides Genuine Presence Assurance, confirming that a user is the right person, a real person, and authenticating right now. A contactless solution, it is hygienic, simple to use, and highly secure. It also requires no specialist hardware.

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