April 25, 2023

iProov, the world leader in facial biometric authentication technology, and Authsignal, provider of the leading global fraud automation platform, today announced a new partnership focused on protecting consumers and enterprises from fraud across the U.S., Europe and Asia Pacific regions.

There has been an explosion in the online ecosystem, and it’s continuing to gather pace. It’s predicted an estimated 70% of new value created in the economy over the next decade will be based on digitally enabled platform business models. As a consequence, organizations are continually looking for ways to streamline processes and speed customer up on-boarding and maintaining a smooth user experience while ensuring that they have high levels of protection against the constantly evolving threat landscape. Creating digital trust is key to its success yet previously reliable verification technologies such as one-time passcodes no longer provide the identity assurance organizations need for high-risk use. Face verification technologies have emerged as a secure and convenient alternative for individuals to verify their identity at onboarding/enrollment or to re-authenticate themselves via their user-facing camera on their smartphone, laptop, or tablet cases.

The partnership sees Authsignal incorporate iProov’s patented Biometric Solution Suite into its fraud prevention orchestration platform to further enhance its user authentication services and robust security protocols. iProov delivers an effortless user experience with the highest levels of biometric security to help prevent fraud, identity theft, and other cybercrime during online onboarding, authentication, and identity verification.

“Balancing end user experience and security is an evergreen challenge for organizations,” said Andrew Bud, founder and CEO of iProov. “Our technology proves that it’s possible to marry the two into a solution that’s easily deployed, with a focus on user security and privacy. We are excited to be partnering with Authsignal to deliver this crucial service that provides companies and consumers with the utmost protection from online fraud.”

Authsignal is focused on solving customer problems in mid-market and enterprise space and is empowering customers across the airline, financial services, fintech and marketplace sectors to protect user accounts by enabling them to implement technology solutions faster and simpler than ever before. Teams can observe fraud risk in near-real time and adjust how they manage this risk via a no-code-rules engine.

“We’re focused on enabling our customers to secure their user journeys and deliver best-in-class customer experiences. In doing so, we must continually look at how we can enable our customers to further enhance their user’s experience,” said Justin Soong, CEO, Authsignal.

“iProov is leading the way in facial biometric verification, and we’re delighted to be partnering with them to integrate the iProov Biometric Solution Suite into our orchestration platform. This will add yet another layer of assurance and protection in our one-click marketplace to protect our customers against the increasingly complex threat landscape.”