Passwordless authentication

Passwordless Authentication

Everyone knows that passwords are not secure. And yet efforts to make them more secure are only making them more complicated. People misuse things that aren’t usable, which presents an easy opportunity for hackers. iProov’s biometric authentication augments and replaces passwords to make it easier for people to access services and keep their data secure.

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What Is Passwordless Authentication?

Passwordless authentication enables a user to access an account or services online without needing to input a knowledge-based password. The benefits of reducing password reliance are numerous:

  • Increased security, as the majority of security breaches involve passwords
  • Improved user experience, as customers no longer need to remember and retrieve passwords
  • Reduced IT costs, with fewer password policies and less resetting of forgotten passwords
The End of the Password Report

Why Are Passwords Not Secure?

  • 50% of consumers have used other people’s passwords
  • 42% share their phone passwords
  • 12% use the same password for everything
  • The average US consumer abandons a purchase 16 times a year because of password frustration
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Passwordless Authentication Using iProov Biometric Solutions

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Online authentication with face biometrics

iProov provides face biometric technology to authenticate online users, enabling organizations or eliminate or augment password use and make user journeys simpler.

iProov face verification on mobile

iProov Face Verifier

iProov Face Verifier is used by banks, governments, health and travel providers, and social networks to ensure that users are who they say they are online.

The End of the Password Report

The End of the Password

50% of consumers have used other people’s passwords, 42% share their phone passwords, and 12% use the same password for everything. Read all of the stats in our report.

Learn More About Passwordless Authentication

Passwordless Authentication: What is It? How Does it Work?

Passwordless Authentication: What is It? How Does it Work?

Learn more about how passwordless authentication works biometrics specifically enables convenient and secure passwordless authentication and how iProov enables convenient, secure passwordless authentication.

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