Nuggets has integrated with iProov’s Dynamic Liveness and Express Liveness technology to ensure compatibility with Self-Sovereign principles and open standards, including W3C Verifiable Credentials (VCs) and Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs).

The integration enables users to own and control their biometric template, which can then be used to authenticate transactions using iProov privately and securely. Nuggets have implemented iProov’s technology in conjunction with its own NFC Passport onboarding and re-verification to enable truly trusted transactions.

This extra step ensures that the user behind an identity is always who it should be, above and beyond the device biometrics. iProov’s Dynamic Liveness and Express Liveness technologies enable organizations to verify that an online user is the right person and a real person.

In doing so, Nuggets protects users and businesses by preventing stolen or forged identities from being used for new account fraud and account takeover fraud. iProov’s award-winning technology is device and platform-agnostic, working across any computer, tablet, or cellphone with a user-facing camera.

Driven by emerging regulations such as Europe’s eIDAS 2.0 for Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI), the collaboration looks to service the global demand for robust, empowering digital identity services. Increasingly, consumer needs are moving towards self-sovereign, user-controlled digital identities that are reusable, interoperable, decentralized, and powered by blockchain technology.

There is also a clear demand for such services from direct digital attestation end-users – such as passport offices and driver and vehicle licensing bodies in the US, EU, and UK. Along with other civil and private registration services, these organizations highlight the need for increased provision of private and secure digital identities combined with biometric verification across a host of Web2-centric end-user implementations.

Nuggets’ platform-agnostic, non-custodial identity solution can service this demand, functioning as a reusable, interoperable Self-Sovereign ID (SSI) with a merit-based digital user reputation that travels with the user across Web 2.0, Web3, and Metaverse applications. Nuggets enables trusted transactions, with verified digital identities for every transaction.

Alastair Johnson, co-founder and CEO of Nuggets, said: “With services increasingly operating within a virtual environment, the need for a reusable and interoperable self-sovereign identity has never been greater. By combining Nuggets and iProov in a Self-Sovereign manner, we enable a high level of biometric verification that is now owned and controlled by the user for the first time. This will bring a new level of privacy, security, and confidence to both users and businesses in markets requiring eIDAS 2.0 (EU), GPG45 (UK), and NIST (USA) in the future.”

Andrew Bud, Founder and CEO of iProov, said: “We are delighted that iProov’s face biometric verification and authentication technologies have been chosen by Nuggets. It is vital that only the right person should ever be able to control and use their digital wallet, so that user-owned digital identity solutions can be trusted by users and by the organisations that rely on them. This will be of crucial importance as we approach eIDAS 2.0 and the implementation of digital wallets in the UK and throughout the European Union.”

Nuggets iProov press release