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We authenticate remote users online for onboarding and verification using Genuine Presence Assurance®

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Successfully authenticating millions of people worldwide

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Easy for organizations of all types and sizes to use

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Driving outstanding completion rates for our customers

Trusted by the world’s most security conscious organizations

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Can You Spot a Deepfake?

57% of people think they can spot a deepfake but in reality only 24% of people can. Are you one of them?

Onboard and Authenticate Your Customers Online

Organizations using iProov’s biometric authentication for onboarding or authenticating are realizing significant benefits:



Deliver outstanding usability

93% of people said it was easier to use than they expected


Deliver high customer completion rates

98.4% success rate with over 3m UK Home Office users


Deliver inclusive accessibility

Chosen to authenticate an entire nation



Protect your organization from cyber criminals

Clean bill of health from US Government Penetration Review


Future-proof your security

Unique active threat management system for certified resilience


Serve your entire user base

Independent of platform, format or device



Benefit from EU grade privacy
GDPR compliant & eIDAS certified


Eliminate user resets
Credentials not stored on devices


Leverage the experience of leaders
Deployed by the world’s most security conscious organizations



Use it where you need it
Deployed on five continents


Scale with confidence
Delivering millions of authentications worldwide

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Our Technology

Genuine Presence Assurance

iProov is the world leader in Genuine Presence Assurance. Banks, governments, travel and healthcare providers around the world are using our unique patented technology to verify the online identity of customers and citizens more securely and more effortlessly than ever before.

Who we work with


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iProov Financial Times fastest growing company 2022
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2021 GoTech Awards Most Innovati
Globe Award Cyber Security Excellence 2021
Cyber Security Excellence Award 2021, Government
Cyber Security Excellence Award 2021, Financial Services
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What’s new at iProov?

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iProov Threat Intelligence Report 2024, The Impact of Generative AI on Remote Identity Verification

Dr. Andrew Newell, Chief Scientific Officer at iProov, will share his knowledge and insights into the new threats in the past 12 months and the importance of resilience in biometric systems to withstand novel attacks.

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Unveiling the Future: 2024 Digital Identity Trends and Predictions

Join us as we delve into the imminent future of biometrics, where the fusion of science and security promises a paradigm shift in how we authenticate, identify, and safeguard within the digital realm.

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Facial Biometrics: Driving Inclusivity and Defeating Generative AI Led Fraud

Join our webinar on 29 November, 3 pm GMT with Merritt Maxim, VP, Research Director at Forrester Research and Joe Palmer, Chief Innovation & Product Officer at iProov, to learn more about how facial biometrics offers unique opportunities to securely and inclusively expand digital access to high-value services.

New Resources from iProov

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iProov Threat Intelligence Report 2024: The Impact of Generative AI on Remote Identity Verification

The 2024 iProov Threat Intelligence Report offers exclusive insights into our Science team’s findings. You’ll learn how threat actors are evolving, what tools they use, and what this means for your organization’s remote verification methods. You’ll also delve into the four most wanted threat actors, how they operate, and their patterns of attack.

Unlocking FI digital marketing 01 01

Unlocking Financial Inclusion With Digital Identity And Biometric Verification: European Digital Identity Wallet Use Case

This report examines how secure, accessible face biometrics can help digital ID programs maximize uptake, improve usability and increase security.

Synthetic to stolen web v1

Stolen To Synthetic: The Evolution Of Identity Fraud And The Need For Resilient Identity Verification

This report examines the techniques used by fraudsters to develop synthetic identities and illustrates why biometric face verification that incorporates liveness, is key in preventing synthetic identity fraud before it infiltrates your organization.

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