Onboard and authenticate your users in seconds with science-based biometrics

iProov provides market-leading biometric solutions that protect the world’s most security-conscious organizations from deepfakes and other types of identity fraud.

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iProov Becomes First Provider To Achieve FIDO Alliance Certification for Face Biometric Identity Verification

Why iProov?

Science-based biometric solutions drive the highest levels of identity assurance with the best user experience. Powered by liveness and active threat management, iProov assures an individual is the right person, a real person, authenticating right now.

  • Protect your organization from cybercriminals and fraud
  • Deliver high user completion rates
  • Deliver effortless user experience, and true inclusivity
  • Ensure maximum privacy for your customers

What Makes iProov Unique?

  • Science-based Biometrics

    iProov delivers biometrics secured by the world’s strongest and most resilient liveness. Our science teams are at the forefront of defending against spoof attacks, and our threat intelligence experts watch the attacks and fight AI with AI. Our solution is the most validated, tested and certified solution on the market.

  • Inclusivity By Design

    As the world’s first WCAG 2.2 AA-compliant biometric vendor, our user experience is free from complex instructions or cognitive challenges to ensure accessibility for everyone. Algorithms are trained on balanced data sets and actively tested for bias.

  • Active Threat Management

    The iProov Security Operations Center detects and responds to emerging threats across the globe, delivering up-to-the-minute resilience against the evolving threat landscape.

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iProov Biometric Solution Suite

What problem do you want to solve?


“I want to onboard new users”


“I want to authenticate my existing users”

Each solution can be deployed with varying levels of identity assurance to meet your risk appetite.



  • eIDAS Level of Assurance High
  • ISO/IEC 30107-3
  • SOC 2 Type II
  • UK Government Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework Certification
  • Certified G-Cloud Supplier
  • Federal Reserve SIF Mitigation Provider
  • iBeta
  • iRAP
  • UK National Physical Laboratory (NPL)

Case Studies

The world’s most demanding and risk-conscious organizations in the world are powered by iProov. We’re trusted for mission-critical technology that guarantees unrivaled security, convenience, and inclusivity.

The US Department of Homeland Security


What’s New at iProov?

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  • What Can Organizations Deploying Remote Identity Verification and Authentication Learn From The iProov Threat Intelligence Report

    What Can Organizations Deploying Remote Identity Verification Learn From The iProov Threat Intelligence Report?

Only with Dynamic Liveness can you be sure that an individual is the right person, a real person, authenticating right now.

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