May 19, 2022

Meet Tom, one of our Product Managers here at iProov. Every day is different at iProov, but this is especially true for Tom who spends his time working on exciting product developments and solving the ongoing challenge of balancing security with usability and accessibility.

Hi Tom! Tell us what made you want to work in Product Management and what came before iProov?

To be completely honest, I stumbled into Product Management. I began my career at Barclays in an internship where I was placed as an analyst in their fraud tech department. I found this area of finance super interesting and eventually I became a Product Analyst before moving on to become a Product Owner. I started specifically working on identification and verification, which I really enjoyed…and I’ve been in Product Management ever since!

I enjoy the challenge of trying to understand what improvements we can make to a product and what work we need to do to achieve them. When we look at features, we have to ask ourselves how any changes fit our long-term vision and plan. I really love that part of the job.

It’s clear you enjoy problem-solving! What made you want to join iProov? And do you remember your first impressions?

After 3 years working in the Product Team at Barclays, I came across the role of Product Owner at iProov. It immediately looked really interesting as it’s an area I am excited about; preventing financial crime.

This role also allowed me to see SDKs through a different lens. Rather than working on integrating SDKs, I get to work on providing the SDK itself. So I thought it’d be quite interesting to see that from the other point of view.

My very first impressions of iProov were just how amazing the offices were and that I would be working with a fantastic team! Everyone’s very happy, very friendly, and very willing to help out. There’s a great culture of learning. Everyone’s very passionate about trying to make a difference.

Describe a day in the life on the Product Team…

There is no such thing as a single day in the life here at iProov!

We move very fast, so there is always a lot going on, with constant effort focused on how we can improve the platform. I work with almost every team at iProov, particularly with the technical teams, and I often spend time with Customer Success, Product Marketing, and the Revenue organization too.

Can you share anything exciting you’re working on?

Right now we’re doing a lot of work on making even more improvements to the accessibility of our products. It’s a really interesting area; because iProov’s technology is delivered as an SDK, we have to consider how our product is kept accessible while in other flows. It’s an interesting challenge.

What have been some of your highlights at iProov so far?

I feel like I’ve learned so much and every day there’s something new, exciting, and challenging. There’s always something different going on, which makes it good fun.

Another great highlight has got to be our Christmas party! It was great seeing all the team face-to-face in a single place, as well as getting the chance to meet people outside of our team.

Finally… do you have any tips for people looking to join iProov? How can they make the most out of their time here?

iProov works in a really interesting but complex area, so you have to be willing to ask a lot of questions. This place is full of really passionate, smart, switched-on people who work incredibly hard, so it is important you join iProov with this same enthusiasm and attitude. But also remember that yes, it can be hard work, but it is also good fun and you will be surrounded by an excellent and supportive team!

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