Megan joined iProov straight from college in 2019. She flourished in her role in the iProov sales department, before taking her excellent communication skills into the Customer Success Team. She shares her journey with us here, telling us what it’s like to be a graduate in the company, the importance of Customer Success, and what she loves about working at iProov!

Hi Megan, tell us about your journey to iProov.

When I graduated in 2019 I knew I wanted a role where I could make an impact and use my communication skills, as I love talking to and meeting new people. iProov gave me exactly that opportunity, as the sales team was still being established so I was given the chance to make my mark. It was a customer-facing role and there were plenty of opportunities to meet people from all over the world. The technology also sounded super exciting and I knew straight away it was going to be big.

What were your first impressions of iProov?

My first impression was that everyone was super smart. I didn’t know much about biometrics at the time but there were so many opportunities to learn and ask questions. I learnt all about deepfakes, and the threats banks and governments face when onboarding customers remotely, and the problems that iProov is solving. From a sales perspective this was really interesting to tackle; not many people understood the problem or the implications of identity theft and fraud, so it became our job to explain it. I could really see the value in what iProov was doing and that made it easier to bring the awareness it needed.

Another thing I noticed straight away was the culture. People here are super passionate about what they do and take pride in their work. Everyone was supportive and accepting. If you didn’t know a lot about a certain area, there would be someone you could ask. It immediately seemed like a really cool company to work for.

What has changed since you joined?

We have grown so much! When I joined we were 40 people, and now we have iProovers across three different continents! We now have really big customers all over the world, which has been exciting to see, and I’ve got to watch us add more products to our suite. 

We’ve also changed a lot during the pandemic, which has definitely accelerated the need for a reliable identity authentication solution. Organizations like banks and governments have had to do more remote onboarding and verification, and the need for COVID passes also saw an increased demand in verifying identities. It caused a huge shift in the industry.

People are really starting to see and understand the problem of securing our identities online, and they’re realizing that biometrics is absolutely needed to achieve that. We’ve evolved into true leaders in the biometric identity space. 

But despite the amazing growth we went through – and are still going through – the culture hasn’t changed – it’s still incredibly supportive and still feels very close knit, even though we are expanding. Everyone is still making their individual impact on the company – just at a much larger scale now!

You’ve recently changed teams to Customer Success after being a Sales Development Representative. What has that transition been like? What are the similarities and differences between the roles?

It’s been an exciting move. There are a lot of similarities between the roles; both utilize a lot of the same skills. Both SDRs and customer success are customer-facing roles, so you have to have good communication skills, and build rapport quickly with customers. You also need to be able to uncover the customer’s business needs and articulate iProov’s value based on those needs. So that hasn’t changed. Being a SDR gave me a really good foundation for becoming a customer success manager. 

I wanted to be able to work with customers on a longer term basis and in my CSM role I get to ensure they have implemented our technology in the most efficient way possible. I get to speak to them on a much more regular basis. I have monthly meetings with all of my customers, and during those meetings, I’ll run through reporting with them to see how the system is performing and how we could help them to improve.

I’ve also learned about the industry and our technology in much more detail. It’s really fun as I’m involved in learning about how we solve problems, which means getting into the finer technical details of our products. It also gives me the chance to work across teams. I now have regular contact with pretty much every team in the company from Science to Product and Sales, which I really love doing.

Why is it important to have a Customer Success team?

Because we want our customers and partners to be successful! It’s a really crucial role.You want your customers to succeed through using iProov, you want them to be successful in the implementation of it, and you want it to run smoothly for them and their end-users. From the moment an organization implements iProov, you want to support them in that. 

What impact does your team have on the customer?

We check-in with them on an ongoing basis and if any issues arise we can quickly fix them. Building a relationship is really important because you build trust. You can see the impact almost immediately. I’m iProov’s voice to the customer, but I’m also the customer’s voice to iProov.

What do you enjoy most about iProov?

I’ve always been given a lot of autonomy. I was given the opportunity to have an impact and have a say in what I was doing and how I was doing it. I’ve always felt supported, not only in my roles but also in my transition in switching teams.

As I’ve mentioned, the culture here is just amazing. Everyone is so approachable and friendly. Everyone is so diverse! I remember having a conversation with Gemma on the Science Team about coding, which I didn’t know a lot about, and it was interesting to hear what other people do and what they bring to the business.

We’re just in a really exciting place at the moment, with a really great piece of technology. It’s fantastic to witness the growth of the library of products, and all the things we are accomplishing at such a fast pace!

Finally, we’re always looking for new iProovers – what three things does someone looking to join iProov need to know?

Well, firstly be willing to work hard! Be enthusiastic and get stuck in! There is loads of stuff happening both in and out of the office – we get involved in all sorts from volleyball to bake-offs! Make sure you’re someone who can work as a team – this is one of our values – so we can run efficiently and provide our customers with the best service. Finally, don’t be afraid to ask questions! Everyone is so smart and from such diverse backgrounds, there is lots to learn when you join and everyone is always willing to help.  

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