October 2, 2023

iProov, the leading provider of facial biometrics solutions, has been named a Core Biometric Tech Leader in Acuity Market Intelligence and Findbiometrics’ new Biometric Digital Identity Report. The report, which contains evaluations for vendors in the biometric digital identity industry, aims to help influencers and decision-makers understand, innovate, and implement digital identity technologies.

The exponential growth of the digital ecosystem, and with it the ubiquitous access to high-value assets – including financial services, intellectual property, and enterprise systems – has elevated the need for remote identity assurance.  To provide access that is secure and user-friendly, many organizations are adopting facial biometrics. Facial biometrics has emerged as a preferred technology because it can provide resilience to the most sophisticated generative AI based deepfake technologies using devices that the majority of users already have in their possession.

“As organizations increasingly adopt facial biometrics to meet their remote identity assurance needs, reports like the Biometric Digital Identity Report become indispensable in providing a compass for buyers to evaluate potential solutions.  This is particularly important when considering facial biometrics solutions as there is a wide range of options providing very different levels of presentation attack detection and generative AI threat mitigation,” says Andrew Bud, founder & CEO, iProov. “At iProov, we take a science-based approach to facial biometrics enabling us to securely establish “liveness” and that someone is the right person, a real person, and that they are authenticating at that moment.”

“The Biometric Digital Identity Prism grew organically out of research into how enterprise-scale digital transformation is impacting the evolution of the global digital identity marketplace,” says Maxine Most, Principal, Acuity Market Intelligence. “What we discovered – with our research partner Findbiometrtcs – is that not only is digital transformation driving the adoption of biometrics but there is growing awareness that the emerging identity infrastructure must have biometrics at the core. The Prism is a model for understanding how industry leaders like iProov, fit into this biometric-centric vision of the evolution of the digital identity market landscape.”

Acuity Report PR image