September 22, 2022

Eduardo Montellano is our LATAM Channel Manager. His role involves connecting with key channel partners to help them deliver online identity verification and authentication solutions that combine security with high completion rates. Learn more about Eduardo, how he works with partners, and what he’s seeing in digital identity in the LATAM region.

Hi Eduardo, to kick us off can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to work at iProov?

I have spent my entire working life in the IT field. To date, I have 21 years of work experience and, of those, 15 have been spent immersed in cybersecurity through different global companies located in different latitudes. I’ve traversed much of the ecosystem commercially, as an account manager, director of distributors, and director of channel sales. I am passionate about making things work. I like to create lasting bonds that work well for everyone, always with a win-win motto. Now, I have the privilege of being able to be part of the iProov team starting a wonderful challenge to add value to the Latin American market.

What does your role as Channel Manager involve?

My main job is to create an ecosystem that works autonomously in the medium term, made up of strategic channels all across Latin America. These channels must have a good understanding of the identity authentication business and must share our principles and values ​​of serving and protecting people wherever they are. Once identified, part of my responsibility is to provide them with all the necessary support on our part so that they can be very successful. 

At iProov we have a Global Partner Program – can you tell us what a bit about what it delivers to our partners?

We have 3 different levels of partners: Authorized, Premier, and Elite. You choose which level best fits your needs. This goes from Authorized level, where partners are able to take advantage of our industry-leading technology and brand reputation as the world-leader in liveness and Dynamic Liveness , through to Elite level, where partners have access to a full range of iProov resources.

Resources we offer, which vary at the different levels, include; sustained sales and marketing programs, Market Development Funds (MDF), and technical and executive support to help channel partners to grow their businesses.

When a new partner joins, what should they expect from iProov?

Our partners are an extension of ourselves. Therefore, we consider them an essential part of iProov. Our partners can expect our full commitment so that we can be successful by working together. 

We are the best and most effective face biometric verification solution on the market. We offer trust. Our vision of the value chain is through the channel. That is why we are committed to our partners, so they can be successful and see profitable business.

What can you tell us about the growth of digital identity in LATAM over the past few years and the importance of creating inclusive and accessible identities in this region?

There has been a huge acceleration in demand for digital identity all over the world, but especially in Latin America in recent times. This is due to the pandemic, but also to the ID4D initiatives of the UN and the World Bank, which have set goals of providing citizens with a legal identity worldwide by 2030.

Many initiatives and new regulations now include digital identity verification in both the public and private sectors. Some practical examples may be transportation (airports, terminals, smart borders), banking, driver’s licenses, residency procedures, taxes, etc. This will continue to accelerate throughout the region and promises a future where digital transformation will require many adjustments. There is much to be done in this regard.

Likewise, there has been a big increase in techniques for identity theft or impersonation, fraud, plagiarism, etc. in the region, and they are a big threat. Therefore, it is very important to implement initiatives that help minimize these risks as much as possible. The benefits of digital identity verification and authentication have been proven, as they lead to better security, ease of use and simplification of processes.

At iProov, we have a lot of experience of working on countless use cases successfully worldwide and we’re already contributing to digital identity verification initiatives in a responsible and safe way for all of Latin America.

Finally, why should companies partner with iProov? 

Great question! We are a leading company in what we do, which differentiates us from others. Our solutions work exceptionally well, and are extremely effective and easy to use, leaving a truly satisfying user experience. This gives confidence to our channel partners. Additionally, we offer really interesting profit margins and our channel program includes support and training in sales, marketing, product and technology. Our aim is to jointly promote our business and create a relationship that is always win-win.

Thank Eduardo!

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