Step-up authentication

Step-up Authentication

Some secure online activities, such as checking a bank balance, often require low ceremony authentication. But setting up a new payee or transferring larger amounts of money shouldn’t require complex procedures involving tokens or one-time passcodes. iProov enables simple, secure step-up authentication to provide extra protection on transactions with an increased risk or value.

  • Maintain simplicity with effortless biometric scan
  • Add extra security for higher risk activity
  • Automate step-up process for speed
iProov face verification on mobile

The iProov Solution for Step-up Authentication

With iProov, users wanting to complete a high value or high risk transaction are asked to complete a one-time face biometric scan. This confirms that the person trying to complete the transaction is indeed the right person, a real person, and that the authentication is taking place in real time, thus protecting against presentation, replay or other spoof attacks.

Step-up authentication

The Benefits of Step-up Authentication Using iProov:

  1. Protect users against account takeover
  2. Offer effortless, highly secure authentication
  3. Provide reassurance to customers
  4. Extend self-service authentication
  5. Eliminate the cost of tokens and other hardware

Step-up Authentication Products

iProov Face Verifier

Face Verifier

With iProov Face Verifier you can authenticate a remote user’s face against a pre-enrolled image and confirm that the person is the right person, a real person and is authenticating in real-time. It can be used as a primary authentication mode or as part of a multi-factor or step up authentication.

Liveness Assurance - passive Biometric liveness detection

Basic Face Verifier

Basic Face Verifier uses Liveness Assurance technology instead of Genuine Presence to confirm an individual is the right person and provide some assurance they are a real person. Like other liveness detection solutions, it is ideal for frequent, low-risk interactions.

iProov Palm Verifier

Palm Verifier

Palm Verifier provides Genuine Presence Assurance, confirming that a user is the right person, a real person, and authenticating right now. A contactless solution, it is hygienic, simple to use, and highly secure. It also requires no specialist hardware.

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Why Choose Face Biometrics for Step-Up Authentication?

Learn more about how iProov biometrics specifically enables convenient and secure step-up authentication.

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