October 25, 2022

iProov has been awarded G-Cloud Supplier Status by the UK’s Crown Commercial Services (CCS) for the fourth year running.

G-Cloud is the UK’s government-run marketplace where UK central government departments and all other public sector bodies can procure cloud-based computing services.

iProov’s supplier status further demonstrates our position as the world’s most validated provider of face biometric authentication.

In this article, we’ll explain what’s new in G-Cloud 13 and what iProov’s inclusion in the framework means for the UK government and the public sector.

What is G-Cloud?

G-Cloud is a digital marketplace for UK central government and public sector bodies to procure technology without a tender. The G-Cloud framework governs the relationship between cloud suppliers and the Crown Commercial Service.

All vendors on the marketplace are vetted and trusted, so government departments don’t need to go through their own vetting and tender process when choosing a provider. Crucially, this also saves the government from having multiple individual contracts with suppliers.

The UK government’s G-Cloud initiative has been active since 2012 as part of the wider ‘Cloud First’ policy. It encourages public sector organizations to pursue cloud-based services, as they are less costly than on-premises alternatives.

Essentially, it streamlines the procurement process. It is far simpler for organizations listed on G-Cloud to do business with the UK public sector – and vice versa.

What does iProov bring to G-Cloud 13?

iProov can be used for a number of services. These include:

  • Digital identity on G-Cloud: Many government departments are involved in the delivery of digital identity services, enabling citizens to access public sector websites with one login. iProov’s biometric face verification enables public sector agencies to deliver digital identity services online, both securely and inclusively.
  • Biometric authentication on G-Cloud: iProov’s remote biometric authentication provides a highly secure yet effortless way for governments to verify a citizen’s identity online. The governments of Singapore and Australia are using iProov to verify user identity online, helping to minimize the frustrations of passwords and one-time passcodes (OTPs).
  • Face verification on G-Cloud: iProov’s face verification enables citizens to onboard and authenticate themselves online in a way that protects user privacy, thanks to iProov’s privacy firewall and compliance with GDPR and UK DPA regulations. Face verification is often confused with face recognition, but they’re very different technologies. Read more about the differences between face verification and face recognition.
  • Digital onboarding on G-Cloud: Processes such as creating accounts for access to health services or applying for visas online require users to prove their identity at the point of enrollment. With Dynamic Liveness, governments can onboard citizens with the highest level of security.

iProov’s services will be found under the following categories within the G-Cloud 13 digital marketplace once it launches on November 9:

  • Authentication, identity, and access management
  • Security risk management
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Mobile device management
  • Password management
  • Security
  • Digital signatures
  • Governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC)

Why should those in Government and Public Sector choose iProov?

iProov is proven at scale and is already trusted by key governments across the globe, including:

Our technology is trusted at the government level because it provides the utmost security, without compromising user experience or inclusivity. Developed with the user in mind, iProov’s technology has been tested to national security standards by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the UK Home Office, the Singapore Government and the Australian Government.

We have been third-party tested to achieve a wide number of certifications, including but not limited to:

Independently certified security, trust, and inclusion are the hallmarks of iProov’s services.

Ultimately, iProov is one of the most validated biometric face solutions in the world – that’s why we’re trusted by governments and public sector organizations. With G-Cloud 13, it remains simple for UK government employees to procure our technology.

iProov products on G-Cloud 13

The following products will be listed on G-Cloud 13:

  • Face Verifier
  • Enroller
  • Palm Verifier
  • Basic Face Verifier
  • Basic Enroller
  • Genuine Document Assurance

Find an in-depth focus on iProov products here.

What does G-Cloud 13 mean for you?

If you work within a UK central government department or other public sector body, G-Cloud 13 provides quick and easy procurement of approved cloud hosting and software services through a single digital marketplace.

Government and public sector departments will continue to be able to view and procure iProov’s biometric authentication and digital onboarding products on the digital marketplace without interruption.

Why and how is G-Cloud 13 replacing G-Cloud 12?

G-Cloud is replaced every year and the contracts are renewed, although G-Cloud 12 was extended for an additional 12 months. Even if you are already on G-Cloud 12 framework, you still need to apply to G-Cloud 13 as the previous services will be removed.

G-Cloud has been a success to date: on the 10th year anniversary of G-Cloud, CSS announced that £1.5 billion in commercial benefits has been achieved for public sector customers through the G-Cloud framework since 2012.

What is the difference between G-Cloud 12 and 13?

There are a few small iterations. For example, suppliers applying to G-Cloud 13 are now required to describe how their services meet government goals surrounding social values (climate change, COVID-19 recovery, well-being, and so on). This was not present in previous G-Cloud frameworks.

When is G-Cloud 13 coming out?

G-Cloud 13 will be launched on November 9. G-Cloud 12 will stay open for customers to call off their arrangements for two months after its current end date; November 27.

G-Cloud 13: A summary

  • G-Cloud is a UK government-run marketplace where central government and public sector bodies can procure cloud-based technology without a tender.
  • iProov has once again been selected as a trusted and verified vendor for G-Cloud 13.
  • All contracts are renewed with each version of G-Cloud – so even if you are already on G-Cloud 12 framework, you will still need to apply to G-Cloud 13 as the previous services will be removed.
  • G-Cloud 13 will be launched on November 9 2022.
  • iProov, the world leader in face biometric verification and authentication technology, has been accepted and approved on the Government G-Cloud 13 Framework to deliver best-in-class authentication, verification, and onboarding solutions.

We look forward to working with existing and new customers in the UK government and public sector.

Additionally, you can learn more about how iProov works with Government and Public Sector here, or book your iProov demo here.

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