Online Banking in the U.S. Part 2: Digital Account Access

How easy is it for a consumer to manage their bank account in the United States? In some cases, not easy at all. U.S. banks are often making the online account management process unnecessarily difficult. Key opportunities to improve security and the user experience are being missed. iProov researchers created online accounts with 20 of the largest U.S. banks to track the digital onboarding and account management processes. In Part 1 of the research we looked at onboarding. In this Part 2, we look at how easy it is for a customer to complete a number of processes online, including:

  • 60% of banks did not allow a debit card replacement request online
  • 55% of banks did not allow a PIN to be changed online
  • 30 of banks asked the customer to re-onboard from scratch for a new service

Download Online Banking in the U.S. Part 2: How 20 of America’s Top Banks Are Balancing Security and User Experience For Digital Account Access. Find out how banks are using iProov’s face verification technology improve security and usability: iProov in Financial Services

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